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How European women's football proceeds: the Spanish "Donne e calcio" forum is born

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The initiative aimed at the growth of women's football is born in Spain: the association of Spanish footballers (Asociación de Futbolistas Españoles, AFE), and in particular the women's football committee, has created a web space dedicated exclusively to the discussion on the situation of women in this sport.
The objective of this forum is specifically to encourage discussion, in order to bring women's football more in vogue, and to stimulate its development as much as possible. The same president of the women's football committee, Fe Robles, said that "we need a space for dialogue in which we talk exclusively about women's football, its particularities and its future", clearly spelling out the goal of the platform .

What is currently needed for women's football is that they are not only the direct ones interested in opening the discussion tables, but that, on the contrary, it is a topic of debate as open as possible. Another purpose of the forum is therefore to actively involve the largest number of personalities outside of football, therefore for example political figures and society in general, leading them to dialogue on the subject of women's football to encourage the commitment to the development of sport , exploiting above all the current favorable moment riding on the wave of the growth of popularity.

As stated by the "Tribuna Feminista" website, the forum will be accessible to players, former players and guests of the sector, personalities able to analyze the progress and changes relevant to the sport, the obstacles that the players must face and all the elements available and can be analyzed depending on the case. The meetings will be held on a quarterly basis.

Lucia Pirola

Lucia Pirola
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