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Happy anniversary, female soccer!

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England, 1922: post-World War I period. In those years, to compensate for the absences of the men engaged at the front, many English women were employed in activities such as working in the numerous factories distributed throughout the territory. One of these factories was the "Dick Kerr", which produced munitions in the city of Preston.
It is within this factory that the "Kerr Ladies" women's football team was born: many women employed in the workers' work spent time during lunch breaks playing football, thus ending up developing a passion and skill that inaugurate the fate of a sport that, between highs and lows, still struggling to establish itself on the world stage.

It can be said that women's football current is due much of his fortune to the team of "Dick, Kerr's Ladies", which in the 1922 exalted the English masses - and not only -, bringing women's football into more and more stages and more and more, meeting great enthusiasm and quantity surprising of fans and spectators.

We must however add further precision to the history of the Lord Kerr. The luck of the Preston team of workers is confirmed by the opening of the tour in America: it is the September 1922, more precisely the 24, and the determination of these women, who continued to train and play "under the table", due to the ban to use football pitches for women's games, is finally recognized in the organization of a tour overseas.

The tour should have started in Canada, but a few days before the arrival of the English team the news was issued that they were no longer welcome in the country that was to host them. The story therefore wanted that the Ladies Kerr crossed the border to reach the United States, in New Jersey, where they played the first match with FC Paterson, a formidable men's team, against which they achieved one of only two defeats of the entire American tour. The following games, in fact, played against the New Bedford Whalers, the New York Football Club, the Baltimore Soccer Club, and the J & P Coats, Washington Stars, and the Fall River Marksmen brought only wins and draws.

After the match against the Fall River, game that ended in a draw, a local newspaper reported: "The result does not make it absolutely how much these English women are good in the game of their homeland. Not even the fans present at the game can express exactly how expert the players were, who met a team made up of the strongest male footballers in the whole country ".

It is therefore legitimate to celebrate this anniversary as a sort of anniversary, and remember the great achievements of the "Kerr Ladies" as initiators of the tradition of European women's football that we continue today with stubbornness and determination.

Lucia Pirola

Lucia Pirola
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