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Petition of TV rights 2016

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Entrepreneurs who love their product usually have a great deal of consumer care. They try to understand their mentality, their tastes, their reactions, their moods and on all this they try to find the right product to sell it and get a profit that rewards them and those who work for them.

THE PRESIDENTS of the football club, I refer to the women (because in the male business prevails over everything else, as we see in these days of transfer market), are also entrepreneurs who offer their customers - supporters a product that in Italy is considered NICCHIA, because still little known to those who follow SPORT in general and even those who follow the game of football! They know that exists, of course, but then NOT seeing it on TV, not reading the news in national sports newspapers, they are NOT encouraged to continue their knowledge!

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linkiesta petition16
The authoritative online newspaper ""has dedicated a ample space for our petition on TV rights to women's football and women's football movements, bringing to light its readers the problems that afflict our movement that survives without rights and recognition.

We thank the journalist Lidia Baratta for the article and the direction of the newspaper for having shared our battle, thus emerging from the commonplaces of the system that provides for the usual silence on the issues of the most disadvantaged.

Walter Pettinati

sign the petition:

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rtvsanmarino petition
The good service of San Marino TV was broadcast in the TG Sport tonight at 19: 15.

San Marino - Over 12 thousand signatures collected to raise awareness and ask to recognize the 1% of television rights to the women's movement.
The world of women's football took to the field, all together and joined to play a very difficult game, the one on TV rights and it does so with a petition launched by the site with its director Walter Pettinati, one of the leading experts of the movement in pink in Italy.
The professional and amateur Italian soccer teams are divided every season the money collected by the televisions. In practice 1 billion euros. Of this sum, the law establishes that a 10% is destined to the youth sectors and amateur football, a very small percentage also to the Authority for information, but nothing for the female movement.

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iamcalciobrescia petition
The editors of the online newspaper ""supports our petition publishing an article to promote the petition to all their loyal readers.

The editorial staff of would like to thank the editorial staff of the newspaper "I Am Calcio" for their collaboration and willingness to help the women's football movement towards a more dignified and professional future.



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