On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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The blue world championship starts with a bang. The result against Australia is perhaps the only real surprise of this start of the intercontinental tournament, in Group A indeed France and Norway overcome without too much effort South Korea and Nigeria. In Group B Germany and Spain have the best as expected on China and South Africa, but the difficulties were not lacking for the two European teams. Well the Italians that with the victory on the Matildas conquer the top of the group C.


networks: Kerr to 22 'pt; Bonansea at 11 'and 50' st

Australia (4-1-4-1): WILLIAMS; CARPENTER, POKINGHORNE, KENNEDY, CATLEY; VAN EGMOND; RASO (from 23 'st GORRY); FOORD, YALLOP (from the 37 'st KELLOND-KNIGHT), LOGARZO (from the 15' st DE VANNA); KERR. Ante Milicic. Available: Simon, Luik, Roestbakken, Micah, Gielik, Arnold, Harrison, Allen.

Italy (4-1-2-1-2): GIULIANI; BERGAMASCHI (from 31 'st GIACINTI), GAMA (cap.), LINARI, GUAGNI; GIUGLIANO; GALLI (from 1 'st BARTOLI), CERNOIA; GIRELLI; MAURO (from 13 'st SABATINO). Allena Milena Bertolini. Available: Parisi, Rosucci, Marchitelli, Tarenzi, Serturini, Tucceri Cimini, Pipitone.

Referee: Melissa Borjas (HON); assistants: Shirley Perello (HON) and Felisha Mariscal (USA). Official fourth: Ekaterina Koroleva (USA).

Notes: present 15380 viewers. Ammonite Gama (I), Girelli (I), Cernoia (I), De Vanna (A).

Milena Bertolini started as well as she could not hope for this first world championship on the Italian bench. Barbara Bonansea with a one-two overturn the result and at the photo finish she gives a resounding success on the Matildas, which allows ours to look with confidence to the next races against Jamaica and Brazil. Excited and incredulous almost our CT to Rai microphones who thank all the Italians who in these days have been close to our girls with great affection, pushed on the wings of enthusiasm by this new atmosphere of great interest, towards a movement up to a few months ago in anonymity.

It was not an easy race at all. The Australians are an important player in pink football, always present at the last 7 in the world and indicated by all as one of the strongest national teams in this tournament. But if it is true that the sub-equatorial have grown a lot in the last few years, it is also true that the blue women of Milena Bertolini are light years away from the previous managements and in the field can be seen right from the start. Short and ready for the restarts our team finds the goal after a few minutes, but the Var cancels the prowess of Barbara Bonasea (who will go back and forth in the second half). The Honduran Borjas sets the direction of the race on a judgment meter to say the least severe, breaking up the game a lot and perhaps too much. His decision to the 20 was unexceptionable when Gama naively kept Kerr in the penalty area. For the first officer it is rigor that Kerr herself transforms, only after Giuliani's rejection, good at sensing the angle of the shot, but unfortunate in not being able to direct the ball away from the feet of the Matildas captain. The goal seems to pester the Italians who risk capitulating, but the crossbar helps our n. 1 on the slope of Van Egmond at the 26 ', while Giuliani's feline reflexes say no to the 37' to Logarzo's sure-fire header.

In the locker room Milena Bertolini shakes her and guess the move by entering Bartoli for Galli, advancing Bergamaschi to give more life to the blue push and in fact Gama and her companions return to the field with another spirit. Polkinghorne sins of superficiality at the 56 'and Bonansea is taken advantage of to steal the ball and shoot at Williams' back, bringing back the result in a tie. Australia, shaken, tries to push, but our attention starts without fear, with the strength of those who now believe it. Sabatino enters for Mauro and the Italians win precious meters. Bonansea at the 65 'has a good ball, but the new entry is anticipated in extremis by an opposing defender a few steps from the door. In the final quarter of an hour our CT plays the Hyacinth card which will prove decisive at the end. Sabatino finds the net at 80 ', but he points out how harsh the Var still cancels. At the stroke of the 90 'the Australians try forcing, but the Italian defense holds and the usual Giuliani is providential about the punishment of the 10. At the 94 'Giacinti wins a precious free kick in the attacking area, Cernoia crosses in the middle, Williams does not reach us, but instead we get Bonansea who touches just enough to make the ball into the opponent's goal. The Juventus striker is submerged by his companions, but there is still a minute to play. And Bonansea does not pay for anything puts an additional icing on his beautiful first time in the world by stopping the last thrust opponent, before the triple whistle of Mrs. Borjas who decrees the victory of ours on the Matildas. It is a victory that is worth gold. Three points that allow the Italians to be masters of their own destiny.

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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