On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Azzurrine to the conquest of the European qualification

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After the success in a friendly match with Switzerland (2-0), the National Under 17 Women's team is preparing to face the first phase of qualification for the European Championship of the category. The technician Nazzarena Grilli has 20 2002 and 2003 class kickers available for rallying in Rome at the "Giulio Onesti" Olympic Preparation Center from last Sunday.

Today the team has faced in a friendly test Roma Primavera, beating 2-1 with the goals of the Sassuolo midfielder Veronica Battelani and the attacker of Permac Vittorio Veneto Giovanna Coghetto.

The Azzurrine will start on Saturday 20 for Montenegro and on Monday 22 in Podgorica will debut against the landlords; Thursday 25 will face Romania in Niksic and Sunday 28 will return to Podgorica to face Finland. The three races will be held at noon. The first two teams of each group, plus the four best third-placed ones, qualify for the elite phase.

The list of the summoned

Goalkeepers: Beatrice Beretta (Juventus), Astrid Gilardi (FC Internazionale Milano);
Defenders: Heden Corrado (Rome), Martina Di Bari (Pink Bari), Linda Giovagnoli (San Zaccaria), Benedetta Maroni (Female Asd Inter Milan), Chiara Mele (Fortitudo Mozzecane), Chiara Pucci (Bayern Munich), Bianca Vergani (Female Asd Inter Milan);
Centrocampiste: Veronica Battelani (Sassuolo), Anna Catelli (Como 2000), Alice Giai (Juventus), Michela Giordano (Juventus), Emma Severini (Fiorentina Women), Ludovica Silvioni (Juventus);
Forwards: Federica Anghileri (Mozzanica), Ilaria Alice Berti (FC Internazionale Inter Milan), Elisa Carravetta (FC Internazionale Milano); Giovanna Coghetto (Permac Vittorio Veneto).

Staff - Coach: Nazzarena Grilli;
Assistant coach: Selena Mazzantini; Secretary: Daniela Censini; Athletic trainer: Fabio Patteri; Goalkeeper coach: Mattia Volpi; Match analyst: Mirko Magistro; Doctors: Pierpaolo Rota and Alessio Rossato; Tutor: Gianluca Costantini and Valerio Faiola.

* The 3 Group calendar of the first phase of qualifying for the European Championship

First day (22 October)

ITALY-Montenegro (12 - Podgorica)
Romania-Finland (12 - Golubovci hours)

Second day (25 October)
ITALY-Romania (12 - Niksic)
Finland-Montenegro (12 - Podgorica)

Third day (28 October)
Montenegro-Romania (12 - Dg Arena Ljeskopolje)
ITALY-Finland (12 - Gradki Stadion Podgorica)

* Qualifying for the elite phase of the European Championship the first two classified of each group plus the four third classified with the best result with the first two teams classified in their group

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