Friday, January 17 2020
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The future of women's football takes off: the Under17 World Cup in Jordan starts

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The under17 women's soccer world championships have officially begun: the biannual competition, now in its fifth edition, has found its host country in Jordan. And as promised this summer [link:], calcio will follow the event keeping updated the results and the progress of the world tournament.
For a brief recap of the groups, this is the order:

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Jordan (JOR) Venezuela (VEN) Nigeria (NGA) United States (USA)
Spain (ESP) Germany (GER) Brazil (BRA) Paraguay (PAR)
Mexico (MEX) Cameroon (CMR) England (ENG) Ghana (GHA)
New Zealand (NZL) Canada (CAN) North Korea (PRK) Japan (JPN)

The first matches took place on Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 in October, and they began to configure the layout of the teams within the group, giving the first points. Here are the results, between victories of measure, ignominious defeats and unthinkable draws:

Group A: Mexico 5-0 New Zealand; Jordan 0-6 Spain
Group B: Venezuela 1-2 Germany; Cameroon 2-3 Canada
Group C: Nigeria 0-1 Brazil; England 3-3 North Korea
Group D: Ghana 0-5 Japan; USA 6-1 Paraguay

It is confirmed the tradition that wants the host team (in this case the Jordan) merely defeated in the group stages: no home team has ever managed to access the quarterfinals. Jordan therefore seems to assume the connotations of the defeated team, and this first day nothing has done to disprove the tradition: a match marked by a net 6 0 in favor of a rampant Spain, which seems to promise great joys to the national team thanks to the ability of young players.

Other curiosities are linked to the US national under17: Ashley Sanchez, a player who has made 17 16 years in March, is the first 1999 class athlete to be called in the national team. His destiny seems to have been marked for some time: in the 2015 he participated in the US under20 national team, scoring three goals and five assists alongside Mallory Pugh, a young player currently involved in the national team.

Lucia Pirola

Lucia Pirola
Author: Lucia PirolaWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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