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FIFA Women's World Player 2009

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ALL ON THE FEET OF MARTA! by Mario Villa Once again, the Brazilian Marta has been elected by FIFA as 'Best Player of the World'. For the fourth consecutive edition (an unprecedented anniversary) the Brazilian phenomenon is awarded as the best on the planet in a year that saw professionalism flourish again in the USA, a country where the South American has worn the Los Angles jersey last season. Marta announced her signature with the Californian club after last year's Gala, leaving the cold Sweden to immediately play the lead role in the American league. The Brazilian strong immediately brings the title to Los Angles, winning the prize as best player of the national tournament. After the US season, Marta takes the road home and arrives at Santos, team of his Brazil. Here he makes his debut in the Brazil Cup and then takes part with his female companions in the Copa Libertadores; nothing to do, where Marta passes immediately successes and even in his native land, conquers the National Cup and the Libertadores writing his name at the top of the list of the best players ever.

The 23enne Marta had to fight a bit with everyone to create her space in a country where football is life. The young and already talented Brazilian never discouraged and despite the invitations to let it go, she continued in her dream even going against the wishes of her family. Marta left her hometown (Dois Riachos, Brazil) just 14 years to disembark in the chaotic Rio de Janeiro, where she started her career with Vasco da Gama before moving to São Martins. In the 2004, Europe calls and Marta responds; this time suitcases ready and ticket with destination Sweden. At 18 he left Brazil, his land, his family, his youth behind him to disembark at the Umea where he could show all his worth and enchant Europe at the rhythm of samba. Playing football is the thing that succeeds best and shows it right from the start bringing the Swedish team to the top of the European scene. Prize of all his skill is the 3 consecutive victories (2006-2007-2008) at the FIFA Women's World Player, accompanied by other successes obtained with the national green-gold including two gold medals at the Panamerican Games, two medals of silver at the Olympics, without forgetting the victory in the UEFA Women's Cup and the four league titles won with Umea during her stay in Sweden. In addition to the various medals, Marta was lucky enough to leave the imprint of her feet in the 'Hall of Fame' of the Maracana Stadium, a temple of Brazilian football. The n ° 10 carioca is the first woman to be celebrated with this award and can boast of the 'neighbors' of all respect: Pelé, Garrincha, Zico, Romário and Ronaldo ... in short, a real star of football. Marta is undoubtedly a complete player capable of delightful games combined with acrobatic technical skills that many times leave the powerless defenses to admire so much splendor. A reserved character but a charisma in the field that distinguishes only the great champions. This is how Marta, with her only 160cm in height, soon became the leader of the Brazilian national team. The world began to know it in the 2002 edition of the U19 World Cup held in Canada when it was only 16 years old. A year later he returned to the World Cup with the first green-gold team. As a young recruit, he soon became a fixture in Brazil. Only the United States in the 2004 stop the carioca from an Olympic victory, with the edition of Athens that gave Marta and companions, however, an excellent silver. In addition to the Olympics, in the 2004 participated in the U19 World Cup in Thailand, where despite the South American national team did not place on the podium, the young Marta managed to bring home the Golden Ball, award that goes to the best player of the tournament. The 2007 World Cup was the real consecration, despite once again the dream victory vanished. Germany defeated Brazil in the final, but the undisputed champion tore applause everywhere. Marta was undoubtedly the star of the world and with its 7 goals earned the Golden Boot of the tournament, along with the recognition of the Golden Ball as best player. The gold curse struck again in the 2008, when in the Beijing Olympic final the United States was still partying, leaving only the second place to the green-gold. In short, very individually with his 4 consecutive awards of Best Player FIFA, but unlucky with his national team where the three silvers (2 Olympic and 1 world) still leave unsuccessful with his National A Brazilian strong that only 23 years is already entered the law in the history of women's world football and will still have plenty of time to dream and make people dream. The young green-gold nourishes only a strong desire now: leave the mark with his Brazil and make that the green-GOLD name, is not only an illusion but soon becomes reality. [Img] [/ img]

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