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With the stop of online voting in the contest "Your favorite player" reserved for the vote of the fans, we pass to pay tribute to the protagonists, officially unveiling the first 3 of all the rankings, visible on our site by clicking on: STANDINGS

Let's start with the priority of the Under 15-17-19, the foundation of the future of our football.

In the Under 15 category the most voted is Margherita Cirri of Florence with 222 preferences on Giada Marin 92 votes (Tavagnacco) and Giada Greggi 61 (Res Rome).

In the Under 17, Marta Pandini (Inter) dominates Federica Cavicchia (Luzerna) and Nicole Peressotti (Tavagnacco).

Under 19 sees the measured victory of Valery Vigilucci (Florence) on Lisa Boattin (Brescia) and Federica Parsani (Mozzanica)

The competition reserved for the series A sees the company Orobica excel that is low on medals for the affection of a large audience of fans.

The company Orobica takes the election of the nicest Serie A team with 261 votes ahead of Tavagnacco (76) and Cuneo (61). The Bergamo company celebrates mister Marianna Marini elected best coach in front of Sara Di Filippo and Milena Bertolini.
Also the 1 number defends the colors of the AnimaeCorpo Orobica with Margherita Salvi that anticipates Stephanie Ohrstom (Verona) and Silvia Vicenzi (Riviera di Romagna).
Defense led by Marta Brasi on Michela Rodella and Eleonora Rosso with a midfield that still speaks Bergamasco with the victory of Chiara Poeta on Vicchiarello and Parisi.
The best striker turns purple with Priscilla Del Prete who stands on Roberta Picchi and Paola Brumana.
Viola also the best press officer with Mattia Martini on the highest step of the podium on Antonio Castiglione and Paolo Marcutti.

Turning to the B series, the funniest companies of the 4 groups were:

Pool A: Alba 305, Musiello 77, Oristano 37;
Group B: Sudtirol 59, Inter 27, Valpolicella 25;
Group C: Bearzi 148, Zensky Pd 44, Reggiana 28;
Group D: Domina Neapolis 58, Acese 50, Chieti 21.

While for the election of the strongest footballers in the cadet series:

Group A: Arianna Montecucco (Alba) 425, Teresa Boggio (Luserna) 172, DEbora Soragni
(Musiello) 57;
Group B: Silvia Vivirito (Sudtirol) 78, Regina Baresi (Inter) 52, Gaia Barbini (Azalee) 39;
Group C: Eleonora Goldoni (Ferrara) 275, Sara Tardini (Reggiana) 253, Antonella Paoletti (Bearzi) 125;
Group D: Gabriella Settecasi (Aces) 101, Gioia Masia (Aces) 39, Daniela Di Bari (Aces) 6.

The most voted poll was: The best Serie A striker with 1013 votes, followed by Best B-series player A with 790 votes and Best Serie B player Group C with 785 votes.

This online competition elects the strongest players and the most sympathetic clubs with the preferences of the fans but has no connection with the "Golden Girls Awards", an official event that for years has elated the "Golden Ball of Italy" and the "strongest" for role "with the best Under, nominated with the preferences of the mister of the series A.

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