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Unfortunately a bad news .. Skip to the moment the great party dedicated to the visibility and promotion of Italian players. The women's football division denies patronage the "two days" that was to be held in Milano Marittima and the organizing company, in collaboration with, of the whole event can not proceed without the patronage of the division! Our great regret? that once again we can not make a good demonstration for bureaucratic matters and in any case the major disappointed players are still the players, this was the comment of our director Walter Pettinati who goes on to say ...

I do not give up and I will try to organize the event on the Tuscan Riviera without patronage. Another proposal to organize the event came from Brescia on the scenario of Lake Garda, we will evaluate and see what to do! I want to organize an event worthy of the participants! The application sent to the Division for the request of the Patronage is hereby disclosed: THE FOOTBALL IS THE WOMAN the fascination of women's football
Objective: to highlight the femininity of athletes who play football, maintaining an image of professionalism and sporting and competitive seriousness. Form and substance are an indispensable binomial. Communication, fundamental element for the growth of any activity, has as main elements on which to make force, the binomial is beautiful and winning ?. Making the public understand, through the media, that women's football is a sport that, from the point of view of the female image of the athletes, does not differ from other disciplines (such as volleyball), we believe it is essential for a growth in terms of interest from the mass towards our sport.
Synthetic event card
Place: Milano Marittima - Cervia (hypothesis to be confirmed)
Period: Easter or end of season Organization:, Società S ....., Società Mv P ........ with the support of Daniele Perina and Roberto Genta. The idea of ​​the project was born as an appendix of the survey "the most cute footballer" on the website
The initiative is having some success among the athletes, belonging to the Serie A championships, A2 and B, which send photos, and supporters of the different teams who vote the players in a nice competition. At the end of the survey you will have a selection of players who will surely give an image of femininity to the movement. This selection (at the end of the championship or during the Easter period) will deal with a VIP team (still to be identified - one was thinking of a representative of sports journalists). The meeting will be presented during a press conference. At the end of the game will it be? organized an evening in a club (which could be the Pineta discotheque of Milano Marittima, landmark of the national jet set), which will become an important moment of public relations, with the presence of journalists and guests. The aim is not to highlight beauty in the broad sense but the femininity of women who play football by debunking a negative belief about women's football that does not belong to them anymore. On this occasion he greets with warm cordiality.

Walter Pettinati

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