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In 2005, from an idea of ​​the undersigned is born the initiative of "the nicest footballer" with the aim of promoting the movement through the players and debunking all those old beliefs that still consider the woman unsuitable for a sport like football. I propose the idea to Laura Toccafondi, former soccer player of Florence with experience in radio-TV broadcasts and her collaborator Marco Vigiani. The idea is like, ... and it's off!
The event was born in Tuscany. The athletes are invited in the most famous discos of Versilia and in the main Tuscan cities: Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio, Florence, Prato, Pisa .. the disc stops in the middle of the evening and the players are on the track, with the ball at his feet , bringing on TV and in front of the spectators, pleasantly surprised, the names of their companies and sponsors.

A great success! The girls have fun. Technical and acrobatic dribbles and then get on the track again with all their elegance, femininity and charm. ... "and then it is said that the players are not female ... the young people present at the edge of the track murmur".
Every evening, the scores will be assigned to all the participants, the sum will decide the winner: In the first edition, it will be Cristina Ugolini, central of the Aggliana - Serie A, to prevail; In the second place a young promise that will leave, in the future of this initiative, an indelible mark: the defense defense of Livorno Elena Tramonti.

Golden Girls & solidarity! the TEAM of the GOLDEN GIRLS takes the field for solidarity. The Italian players are available to participate by invitation to benefit events.

Walter Pettinati
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