Friday, February 28 2020
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It is Daniela Sabatino, striker of the Italian champion Brescia and head-scorer of last season, the Golden Girl of Italy for 2014. Agnone's goalscorer, who with his 35 goals in 30 played matches has contributed significantly to the conquest of the double Scudetto - Supercoppa by the lionesses, receives the right recognition for a record year, on a personal and team level, adding another trophy to a dream board.

But let 's go with order: it' s the last day of the year but the editors of do not go on holiday and, according to a tradition that lost by 2006, we reserve the last piece of 2014 to elect the best players who take the grass of the Italian Serie A, with an eye on the young and the mister.
In addition to the jewel of the advanced section of the lionesses, which logically ticks even as best striker by winning the competition of legends of the national football as Panico and Gabbiadini, Brescia is picking up prizes in several categories.

Starting from the defense, where the guide of the rear guard of Mr. Bertolini, Roberta D'Adda, and the young Brescia Elena Linari, the popped up on equal terms Zizioli, Rodella, Di Criscio, Bartoli and Karlsson more distant in the ranking. A sign that the blue-white swallows, in addition to the scary line of gear in attack, have been able to make the defense a further strong point, to create a lethal combo for the opponents, as indeed it was.

The Lombards have to settle instead "only" of the second step of the podium between the posts, where Marchitelli gives the gold medal best goalkeeper Rosalia Pipitone, the par-all of Res Rome that continues to amaze Sunday after Sunday, and that has put so much of his to ensure a salvation without play-off in the first year of Serie A of the capitoline, and to let the Giallorossi fly high at this start of the new season. One, Marchitelli, is already in the national tour, the other, according to the most, it should have been there: we will see what the future holds in blue, after the beating world that has deprived us of the pass for Canada 2015.Distaccate the other candidates (Ohrstrom, Giuliani, Caesar and Matrubayashi), who are assured of a vote each without bothering the two Italian number one.

You also take home the Tavagnacco winner of the Italian Cup, which boasts in pink Alice Parisi, winner in the midfield after having popped up a little on Sandy Maendly and a lot on the various Rosucci, Orlandi, Scarpellini and Nasuti.

Plebiscite, among the under 17, for the talent of Torres and the lighthouse of the youth national Manuela Giugliano, who with six preferences distances himself from the other stars of the blue of Sbardella, stopped at two (Boattin) or one vote (Peressotti, Durante, Ferrara , Piedmont). Had it been for us, after a world like that of Costa Rica, the prize would have taken all, some for one reason, some for another. Having to choose, as each "election" imposes, Giugliano has brought all the spotlights to him, perhaps because he has shown abilities and a tactical intelligence out of the ordinary, especially for a young person of his age. Doors open for her to a great future, rosy more than ever.

In contrast, polls poised on the stage of the Under 19, which closes with the ex aequo between Aurora Galli and Martina Gelmetti, now tornates the label of young promises and next to become real certainties of Torres and Verona. Both, in two of the best teams in the championships, have already managed to carve out an important space, despite the age and the competition, a sign and the result of a growth to be kept in check also in terms of major national team. Votes in your pocket also for Piacezzi, Ferrati, Brambilla and Corsiani.

And if for Giugliano we talked about plebiscite, Mattia Martini, press officer of Florence, has touched the en plein of preferences, bringing home eleven and winning the award for best manager of communication of the women's series.

We close, before officially electing our 11 2014 top, with the gold bench that, after a year of record, could only go to Milena Bertolini, winner with her Brescia of Championship and Supercup, a double that makes year just ended.

But what would be the hypothetical eleven owner of a training on which we would bet in an eventual bet? Here's to you, to finish off a year of sport before you open another one, the top 11 of Italian football, waiting for a 2015 always in the name of football ... in pink!

TOP 11: Pipitone; D'Adda, Bartoli, Linari, Karlsson; Parisi, Maendly, Giugliano; Sabatino, Gabbiadini, Panico.
All. Milena Bertolini

The editor of, in announcing that the prizes will be sent to the companies to which the winners belong, who will be able to deliver the prizes desirably during the first game that will be played in 2015, wishes everyone a good 2015, full of health, satisfactions and happiness!

Alessandra Esperide

Walter Pettinati
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