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With the closing of the online voting of the contest "the strongest players", elected with the votes of the fans, the time has come to draw up results and rankings with the statistics of the various categories. The vote was divided into two phases: the first, with free votes for all visitors (a real boom in accesses); the second, with votes reserved for users registered on the site. For the purposes of the final classification, the summary data are taken, but it seemed interesting to evaluate the two votes separately.
The total votes since the opening of the competition were 41.548; 11.187 since the introduction of the vote reserved for users registered on the site.

Remaining on the analysis of the votes assigned by the members, from the closing of the free vote, the category of mister boasts a greater turnout of voters with 62.50%, while in second place is the best striker with 26%, and the third with the 19% with 20%.
The category Under 17 (10%) and Midfielders, recently anticipated by Under 15 and press officers, slipped to the last place, and in the free vote they were the most clicked.
For the final rankings, the most voted categories are always i Mystery 9.767: (* 6.104); Midfielder: 5.909 (* 591); Goalkeeper: 4.760 (* 861); Under 17: 4.625 (* 449); Forward: 4.229 (* 1.106); Defender: 3.533 (* 755); Under 19: 3.259 (* 672); Under 15: 3.214 (* 377); Press Officer: 2.252 (* 272). (* votes with registered users).

But let's go into the details of the individual categories:
Under 15: we find at 1 ° Martina Sclavo (Lupa Roma) with 706 votes, followed by Arianna Caruso (Lupa Rome) 693, Parnoffi Alessia (Carpisa Naples) 678, Beatrice Merlo (Inter) 634 and Giada Marin (Tavagnacco) with 198.
Under 17: Manuela Giuliano (Pordenone) with 722 votes wins hands up in front of Marta Pandini (Inter) 630, Flaminia Simonetti (Res Rome) 534, Nicole Garavelli (Mozzanica) 489 and Gloria Marinelli (Grifo Perugia) 322.
Under 19: Annalisa Favole (Turin) is the most clicked with 758 votes, followed by: Eleonora Cunsolo (Res Rome) 481, Elena Pisani (Bocconi Milan) 387, Michela Cambiaghi (Mozzanica) 229 and Matilde Copetti (Tavagnacco) with 204 votes.
Goalkeeper: Sabina Radu (Carpisa Napoli) is the favorite among piles with 1.440 preferences, the second place if he wins Rosalia Pipitone (Res Roma) with 1288 votes, follow Matsubayashi Miku (Florence) 315, Mimma Fazio (Lazio) 229 and Ilaria Leoni (Florence ) 212.

Defenders: the column of defense for the fans is up to Antonella Morra (Res Rome) with 324 votes, Eleonora Cunsolo (Res Rome) 324, Lisa Faccioli (Mozzecane) 296, Cecilia Salvai (Verona) 220, closed the rear to 5 with 214 Sara Magnaguagno (Valpolicella).
Midfielders: Giulia Orlandi (Florence) is the most clicked midfielder with 1338 preferences, Sara Capovilla (Valpolicella) 1107, Federica Marzi (Res Rome) 721, Michela Franco (Riviera di Romagna) 650 and Claudia Ciccotti (res Rome) 322.

Forwards: Emily Nicosia Vinci (Res Rome) best bomber with 1013 votes, follow Vanessa Nagni (Res Rome) with 773, Federica Chinello (Valpolicella) 469, Jessica Saiu (Villacidro) 248 and Valeria Narduzzi (Rome) with 162 votes anticipates Mela Gabbiadini (Verona ) with 158 votes.
Press officers: The most clicked is him! ... the young Mattia Martini (Florence), who won the first place of press officers with 872 preferences, follow Federica Vilio (Valpolicella) with 638, Fabio Cimmino (Brescia) with 222, Artemio Scardicchio ( Res Roma) with 221 and Alessandra Esperide (Lazio) with 76 votes.
Mister: Valerio Sebastiano Caniglia (Acese) is the favorite with 3622 preferences to Fabio Melillo (Res Rome) with 2034 votes, follow Ashraf Seleman (Lazio) 1085, Roberto Piras (Res Rome) 549, Michele Maffini (Mozzecane) 451 and Antonio Genovese (Bocconi Milan) that with 266 votes burns at the photo finish Milena Bertolini (Brescia) with 264 votes.
We can say that the vote reserved for users registered on the site has recorded a marked decrease in votes (detriment of the site) but has ensured a fairer ranking (principle of sportiness).
Now we just have to wait for the countless votes received by the coaches of the teams of Serie A to make a comparison between the preferences expressed by the fans and those of the technicians.
The editors of calciodonne.it would like to thank all the sportsmen who have expressed their preferences and the companies that have shared our initiative every day.
Always and only ... W female football!
All rankings are visible on the site: http://www.calciodonne.it/fun-zone/sondaggi

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