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1article gg2012The staging period of the championship is conducive to launch the eighth edition of the Golden Girls Award 2012, an event organized by that rewards the strongest players for the role with the election of the Italian Golden Ball. New edition and new formula for the assignment of the ITALIAN GOLDEN PALLONE and the awards to the strongest players, which will take place through the unquestionable "mathematical jury" with the preferences expressed by all the Mister of the companies participating in the Serie A Championship.
The nominations will be chosen by popular preferences!

We will assign the titles of the "strongest player by role", of the "young promise" and of the delivery of the Golden Ball ... in Cruise! In fact, the "Golden Girls" - "Calcio in Crociera" is renewed, which offers the winner of the prize field the 7 day cruise that will start the 17 June from Livorno to visit Villefranche, Valencia, Tunis, Catania, Naples and arrival at Livorno the 24 June.
Golden Girls Award proposes, with the same method, the recognition for the players of the series A2 with the election, without prize, for the strongest for divided role for group with a lot of final classification.
We come to the new procedure of the Golden Girls 2012:

1) nominations are decided by popular preferences;
2) athletes must register on the site their favorites (only if not present);
3) automatic update of players registered by athletes;
4) you vote from the 1 ° day of return of the championships;
5) the voting will end with the last day of the championship, ie the 19 / 05 / 2012;
6) the popular votes (web) will elect "the footballers preferred by the fans"
7) the first 20 classified (popular votes) of each role will form the list of nominations to be sent to the Mister;
8) the list of the nominated will be given to the coaches who can give a preference to a player by role;
9) the sum of the votes assigned by the mister will elect:

a) "the strongest player by role";
b) "the young promise";

In the case of two or more female athletes with the same score, a new popular vote will be held among the peers classified for the duration of seven days.

The same procedure is valid for the assignment of the titles of the "strongest players per role" of each group of the A2 Series Championships.
With the next press release all the details of the registration procedure for the athletes and votes will be announced.

The delivery of the ITALIAN GOLDEN PALLONE will take place during the cruise organized by "Calcio in Crociera"
At the moment, there is no plan to organize the Grand Gala Award or other collaborations that could arise along the way.

Walter Pettinati

Walter Pettinati
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