Saturday, February 22 2020
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6Awarded the most prestigious award of the football season: "GOLDEN ITALIAN PALLONE" to Sara Gama with a ticket for the seven-day cruise, offered as a prize by "CALCIO IN CROCIERA" and awarded the title to the players Strongest by role: Katja Schroffenegger, Sara Gama, Lisa Alborghetti and Evelyn Vicchiarello who win a weekend in the wonderful paradise of the Amalfi Coast at the Bed & Breakfast THE TERRACES OF THE DUKE - -
Our athletes, who so far have not betrayed us with the votes, can continue to vote for the Best Companies of each category - up for grabs 1 software each put up for grabs by FMR CALCIO -
At the moment the first two of the various classifications are, Serie A: 1- Mozzanica 222, 2- Rome 210 - A2A Series: 1- Xiamen 105, 2- Milan 47 - A2B Series: 1- Xtox 91 Exto, 2- 83 Siena - Ba series: 1 - Union Villanova 56, 2 - SSV Brixen Obi 12 - Series BB: 1 - Hispellum 11, 2 - S.Zaccaria 5 - Series BC: 1 - Eurnova 75, 2 - Res Rome 13.
The best Mister of the series A, in which we expect a photo finish sprint, see for now the following classification: 1- Grilli Nazzarena 56, 2- Serafini Gianpiero 52, 3- Bearzi Edoardo 35, 4- Longega Renato 29, 5- Talotti Maurizio 28.
Among the press officers (who do not win anything Surprised) at the moment we find: 1-Dazzan Anna 24, 2- Piva Marco 11, 3- Cimmino Fabio 5, 4- Perez Peter 2.
The young hopes nominated are: 1- Gobbi Paola 57, 2- Ambrosetti Giulia 34, 3- Martina Menegoni 4, 4- Piazza Martina 2, 5 De Luca Denise 2.

Among the strongest roles of the A2A series we find the first place of each role: Gelosa Gloria, Gambarotta Margot, King Cecilia and Giacinti Valentina while in the group A2B, Mazzola Valeria, Di Camillo Giada, Lecce Elisa and Santacatterina Lisa.

In today's series the situation sees. In Group BA: Giulia Giovannini, Elena Rizzetto, Giorgia Mazzucato, Serena Zanoni - BB Series: Ambra Bartoli, Arianna Cimatti, Giorgia Geminiani, Lisa Tonelli - BC Series: Rosalia Pipitone, Giorgia De Vecchis, Giulia Colini, Vanessa Nagni.

These are provisional rankings and in many cases there are scores of few votes that could change the fate of the final classification that will close the 30 June at 20.00.

Walter Pettinati
Walter Pettinati
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