Wednesday, July 24 2019
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goldengirls2013pIn May, the announcement of Elisabetta Cortani, head of the companies in the federal commission for the development of women's football, had deluded us that the president Tavecchio was really interested in welcoming the Golden Girls as the opening event for the new communication and promotion plan for our movement . In support, the constitution and the commitment of the Federal Commission for the development of women's football, so desired by President Abete, who from the first meetings promised important new promotion to be implemented at Euro 2013, including the organization of the Golden Girls , also strong of the solidarity and extraordinary participation of AIC.

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goldengirls2013pThe 2013 edition of the Golden Girls continues with a big news: The event arrives at the LND court and become an Institutional recognition! A prestigious continuation for a unique event of its kind, conceived by myself and carried out with my closest collaborators to turn the spotlight on the movement, paying the right recognition to its best performers.
While waiting for the Lega Council to approve and welcome the Golden Girls in its arms, our editorial team opens the voting to nominate the contenders for the Italian Golden Ball 2012-2013 and to reward the protagonists of our movement that have distinguished themselves for ability and commitment during this exciting season that is about to end with the Italian Cup and the national spring stage.

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logo2013-250The women's soccer league comes alive and announces an interesting and unpredictable season finale. On the wings of this enthusiasm, the edition of the Golden Girls 2013 starts! Considering its success, the formula of the last edition is confirmed: Golden Girls to the organization of the companies and awards for all the women's soccer series A and A2 .. with some surprises!
The promoting committee (CP) has drawn up the rules for nominations, which will be announced in the forthcoming press releases, and launches the call for proposals for the proposals to organize the event. The interested companies can present their projects to the "Promoting Committee" specifying:

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