Friday, February 21 2020
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parisi-ball-oro2013The midfielder of Tavagnacco and of the National team has been elected, as the coach of the Serie A championship, as the best player of the season 2012-2013 and won the prestigious ITALIAN GOLDEN BALLOON (Golden Girl Award). Alice Parisi succeeds Elisabetta Tona and prevails widely on a large list of nominees who win, on equal merit, the "Silver Ball": Panico, Gabbiadini, Bonansea, Bonetti, Girelli, Guagni and Vicchiarello.
Parisi, born 11 December 1990 in Tione di Trento, celebrates its birthday with the recognition of the Italian Golden Ball, awarded thanks to its football performances that have distinguished it nationally and internationally.
Alice Parisi start playing very young in a men's team and then debut, in the 2005-2006 season, in the A2 series championship with Trento, where she will play until the 2007-2008 season, bringing the Trentino team to the promotion in Serie A. Thanks to her talents, she will wear her blue jersey of the various categories and in 2008 will conquer the European Championship Under 19, bringing to Italy its first European title, realizing a penalty in the final against Norway, won thanks to a great team performance. THE'UEFA will recognize Parisi as one of the 10 best European footballers.
In the following season he moves to Bardolino Verona, where he will play until the 2009-2010 championship, scoring 15 goals in 42 matches and winning the title of Italian champion 2008-2009 and the Italian Super Cup.
From the 2010-2011 season, Parisi switches to Graphistudio Tavagnacco where he plays 70 matches and scores 39 goals, of which 19 in the last season.
This season, Alice's star illuminates us, with her magic, in every day of the Italian championship, dotted with 11 goals in as many games, winning the attention of European clubs for her performances sporting the European Championship of Sweden 2013 and in the Champions Cup.
To complete the short presentation by Alice Parisi, I interviewed her first female soccer coach, Roberto Genta: "To think that that timid little girl could become the" Golden Ball of Italian "could seem a forcing, the distant fantasy of some naive impassioned of the sector. Sincerely the news of the victory of this very important award did not amaze me, indeed, I think it is only the crowning of many sacrifices and above all of so much humility and devotion to a sport that offers few satisfactions but it demands a lot from those like Alice who practices it with commitment and seriousness.
Alice is the beautiful image of women's football, it is correctness and passion, it is the element that every coach would like to have in his team. I was lucky enough to train her and immediately I noticed the qualities and skills that were innate in this great player. With her I clashed several times and our relationship was always quite tense, perhaps because during my experience as a coach I had seen too many "football promises" to remain so because of excessive presumption.
Surely they were excessive and probably misplaced concerns, but at that moment I thought right that kind of attitude that I have adopted in a purely precautionary manner. I did not want Alice's talent to be wasted so sometimes I was pretty tough on her but I never doubted that one day she would join the Olympus of women's football.
Great technique, game vision, ductility and speed: these are the greatest qualities that I recognize to this small but so great champion. Thanks to his football skills and human and despite his young age in my team has been able to cover all the roles, including the most challenging: the captain. To conclude, I believe that part of the merit of this great satisfaction for Alice is certainly to be attributed to her family, who has always supported and encouraged it in an exemplary manner. "
Good "Italian Golden Ball"Alice, who is the starting point for a great career ... on the stages that compete with you.

Walter Pettinati


Walter Pettinati
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