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STRENGTHENING THE CONNECTION WITH THE DCF - GOLDEN GIRLS AWARDS ON RAI SPORT MORE by Walter Pettinati THANKS TO AN IDEA BY LUCA PISINICCA, SHARED BY THE PRESIDENT PADOVAN - DCF, CHANGE THE EVALUATION METHODS THAT WILL ASSIGN THE OSCARS TO THE SOCCER The companies have been called, by the DCF, to evaluate the opponents in every league game. The results will be sent to the RAI that will make them public during the MAGAZINE "FOOTBALL GIRLS" and in each subsequent episode will be updated the ranking of the strongest players by role. The final word will be up to the same players. At the end of the championship will be given to the companies a card in which the athletes will be able to name the best opponents by role. The sum of all the votes will decide the finalist players who will take part in the GRAND GALA 'AWARDS for the delivery of the Oscars and the assignment of the ITALIAN GOLDEN PALLONE. Golden Girls advances tenaciously towards the goal, in small steps, looking at the glass half full, supported by the will to participate, even if in small part, to give equal dignity to this sport and their interpreters. In the words of El Paron "hit-hit-you come in the door," I know it's a phrase of the past, football has changed .. but not for us! Walter Pettinati
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