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GOLDEN GIRLS 2010, IN SARDINIA THE REGIONAL SELECTIONS THE YOUNG ATHLETES OF TORRES SBARAGLIANO THE FIELD IN THE COMPETITION OF THE "PIU 'CARINA" CALCIATRICE: ROBERTA RAZZOLI, VERONICA SOTGIU AND ANNA MATTU AT THE FIRST THREE PLACES! THE PREMIUM OF THE MOST TECHNIQUE IF YOU AWARD LUCREZIA CADEDDU DEL CAPRERA. The 4 September were held in Sardinia the regional selections for the GOLDEN GIRLS 2010. In the beautiful setting of "COSTA DEL CORALLO"at the local EMBARCADERO of PORTO CONTE, the Sardinian players found themselves to show off their skills TECHNICAL and highlight CHARM and FEMININE. To present the evening the beautiful CLAUDIA LUZZU, dancer and model of Sassari. The event, organized by CLAUDIA LUZZU and CALCIODONNE.IT, was animated by talk shows and shows with opening buffets and music with the nascent MUSICIAN GROUP, I RIO. Excellent participation of competitors and public. The event was advertised on the most important regional TV. The beautiful queen with green sea eyes, ROBERTA RAZZOLI (TORRES), has been awarded a JEWEL offered by JEWELRY PRECIOUS IDEAS of SASSARI and the direct pass for the national final - LUCREZIA CADEDDU (CAPRERA), judged by the jury the most technical player received a beautiful plaque of recognition. For all, fun and a new experience that has left satisfaction all footballers present and society. This event opens the beginning of other initiatives in the Sardinian land. In fact, during this season the regional football award will be organized STRONGER KICKS FOR ROLE, a recognition of the technical-athletic skills of young regional players. An event that will be followed by major regional TV and NEWSPAPERS with articles and live interviews. THE EVENING PHOTOS ROBERTA RAZZOLI: Claudia, the organizer, immediately put us at ease, I had a lot of fun and it was a new and wonderful experience .. I really liked to put myself in the shoes of a "model" and parade for a competition that I gave that it is football .. And then it was great that they put make-up and combed just like a real fashion show .. It was also fun to do the technical exercises (with the ball to show our skill) in couplead player of Torres! Without a doubt an experience to be repeated again! Veronica Sotgiu: 1 was not a beautiful experience, but something more! At the beginning I was very undecided, because I was ashamed to die .. I was afraid of falling, taken by emotion .. and now I can say I had done very well to have participated, because once arrived on the spot everything was completely different from how I would have never expected it .. everything came naturally and spontaneous .. I felt cm if in the place of the heels had slippers .. and instead of the dress I had a normal suit .. The presenters were very kind and have tried in all the ways to put us at ease, succeeding very well. In the end I think that for all of us 1 has been a unique experience, I also met other players and we made friends .. we are well .. in the end what matters is to have fun and take everything as 1 game and especially promote women's football. Meanwhile, our editorial staff is preparing the bases to open the regional portal to give space and make known all the realities. Anyone interested in collaborating on the project can contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. [img] [/ img] THE THREE KICKS OF TORRES TOGETHER AT CLAUDIA LUZZU LUCREZIA CADEDDU: it was a wonderful evening and a beautiful experience .. a way to show that football is also femininity and to drop the prejudices that people have towards this sport that among other things is little followed .. you should do them more often these events x make people approach the women's football because behind this sport there are many sacrifices and so much heart .. [img] [/ img ] CLAUDIA LUZZU INTERVIEW LUCREZIA CADEDDU DEL CAPRERA
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