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FIGC and LND GRANT THE GOLDEN GIRLS AWARD 2010 PATRONAGE by Walter Pettinati After the renewal of the ministerial patronages and the second medal of representation received by the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC the Golden Girls and women's football acquire even more prestige with the federal patrons. The event, at its 6 ° edition, is organized by with the close collaboration of "DolceVita Events Production". The evening will be presented by the legendary Luca Pisinicca and Cristina Murelli in the presence of the President of the DCF - Giancarlo Padovan - and other important guests of honor. A SPECIAL broadcast on RAI SPORT and a new video spot will be made! The best time to realize the event seems the end of June. The national team is part of the world qualifications (hopefully with the pass for Germany 2011), the certain presence of the "young promises" now engaged with the National Under 17 - 19, the availability of national teams, the best BIG women's football and Torres's Italian champions would complete the 2009-2010 football event. Now, this event must find the right location and sharing and the officiality with the close collaboration of the DCF and all the companies to and give visibility and promote the movement. Fundamental the adhesion of the newborn ASSOPRESIDENTI that has immediately understood the importance of assigning recognitions to their athletes considered more deserving. Personally, I would like the presence of all the players who each year stand out for their seriousness and professionalism in their respective championships. With the next event we will also achieve this goal. Golden Girls in which the current president of the DCF GIANCARLO PADOVAN has always believed and participated.

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SUSPENDED THE GOLDEN GIRLS AWARDS 2010 The 2009 event has undoubtedly consecrated the event and highlighted the improvements to be made. The sharing of the highest Ministerial and Sports appointments with the praise of the federal president Abete, the participation of the DCF president Giancarlo Padovan and the patronage of the DCF, the presence of the journalist Luca Pisinicca (Rai), the subsequent transmission on RAI SPORT with the spot of GOLDEN GIRLS and the space reserved for our Initial, the book created by Graphistudio, bode well for a better participation and collaboration by everyone. So it was not! I planned this sixth edition with scruple to offer the organization a worthy organization. The beautiful Riviera of Versilia has opened up to women's football, the DolceVita Events production has organized the mundane aspect worthy of the best Grand Gala. The confirmation of the RAI presence with Pisinicca & Murelli. With the renewal of the various sponsorships and the second medal, received yesterday, the President of the Republic has also arrived the LND PATRONY waiting for an answer from the FIGC and UEFA. The GOLDEN GIRLS AWARDS has now become a national event of great impact on the media but above all due recognition to be awarded, at the end of the season, to the players considered most deserving. This is why total sharing is important. I thank the Assopresidenti and all those players and collaborators for their availability. It is an event that belongs to all women's football.

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THE VERSILIA WILL HOST THE NIGHT OF THE OSCAR OF THE FEMALE FOOTBALL. THE 28-29 MAY THE FEMALE FOOTBALL MEETS HIS STARS AT THE "VESPUCCI20" STORE IN MARINA DI MASSA The event, at its 6 ° edition, is organized by with the close collaboration of "DolceVita Events Production" and with the patronage of the DCF. The evening will be presented by the legendary Luca Pisinicca and Cristina Murelli in the presence of President of the DCF - Giancarlo Padovan - and other important guests of honor. A SPECIAL transmitted on RAI SPORT. After the media success with the 2009 edition, the commercial opens the "football girls" Magazine on Rai Sport, the articles in the newspapers of all Italy, the congratulations written by the Federal President Giancarlo Abete and all the ministerial patrons to which I renewed the request for this edition, the event has been enriched by the collaboration of the world's leading graphic company - GRAPHISTUDIO - which follows and tells with the creation of the book the magic moments of the great gala, the confirmation of Liborio Verona and of the collaboration of "DolceVita Events Production". This edition sees other important news: every Saturday the companies send to the DCF office the votes of the day, mentioned with the general rankings, in the magazine "Football girls". The last word, however, will be up to the players themselves. Our editorial staff will send a form to all companies so that the players will be able to vote against the opponents they consider stronger for each role. The sum of the votes will contribute to the nomination of 5 athletes, for each role, to the final evening from which the GOLDEN PALLET will be awarded by a technical jury. In addition to the usual awards to the players, Mister and addettostampa there is a new entry: "IL PAGELLONE" the heading conducted by Cristina Murelli in the "football girls" magazine The moments of suspense will be accompanied by the notes of Davide Mazzara and Adriano12 and the delights of the chefs of VESPUCCI20 will feed the evening before getting to know the winners, including interviews and football videos.

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STRENGTHENING THE CONNECTION WITH THE DCF - GOLDEN GIRLS AWARDS ON RAI SPORT MORE by Walter Pettinati THANKS TO AN IDEA BY LUCA PISINICCA, SHARED BY THE PRESIDENT PADOVAN - DCF, CHANGE THE EVALUATION METHODS THAT WILL ASSIGN THE OSCARS TO THE SOCCER The companies have been called, by the DCF, to evaluate the opponents in every league game. The results will be sent to the RAI that will make them public during the MAGAZINE "FOOTBALL GIRLS" and in each subsequent episode will be updated the ranking of the strongest players by role. The final word will be up to the same players. At the end of the championship will be given to the companies a card in which the athletes will be able to name the best opponents by role. The sum of all the votes will decide the finalist players who will take part in the GRAND GALA 'AWARDS for the delivery of the Oscars and the assignment of the ITALIAN GOLDEN PALLONE. Golden Girls advances tenaciously towards the goal, in small steps, looking at the glass half full, supported by the will to participate, even if in small part, to give equal dignity to this sport and their interpreters. As El Paron said: "you hit the door" I know it's a phrase from other times, football has changed .. but not for us!

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