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GOLDEN GIRLS, THE GREETING OF THE PRESIDENT GIANCARLO ABETE The words of praise announced by the Federal President on the occasion of the Federal Council and reported a few hours later by President Giancarlo Padovan find confirmation, with real surprise and honor on my part and I think of the whole movement, from the mail received from the Federal President who writes me: "Dear Pettinati, <...> I am very grateful to you for the invitation on the occasion of the annual GOLDEN GIRLS AWARDS and for the charity meeting organized by I wish on the one hand to make you wish for a great success of the day and on the other renew the Federation's commitment to women's football, a commitment that has also been confirmed at the initiative of the Women's Division held on Friday in the Federation.I take this opportunity to send my best wishes for a positive 2010. signed (by hand) Giancarlo Abete. During the federal council, says Padovan, President Abete was announcing the important things made by the whole football scene, from professionalism to amateurism! arrived at the cf between wonder and amazement, he exclaimed: "I know that this evening in Marino we celebrate the Oscars of women's football and we reward the best Italian players." Padovan goes on to say: "that the maximum institution, like the football association, considers the Golden Girls as the natural conclusion of the sport season is a fact that honors us and goes to the merits of the people present and the organization". A new wind, in our federation, is moving .. Walter Pettinati rewards President Giancarlo Padovan for the results achieved by the DCF - photo LIBORIO VERONA

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THE GOLDEN GIRL 2009: MELANIA MAZZURANA Here's to you THE GOLDEN GIRL 2009. It is called Melania Mazzurana, goalkeeper of San Martino Buon Albergo (VR), has 18 years completed the 2 October and was born under the sign of the scale. In the final evening the jury was called to cast a vote from 1 to 10 for the following characteristics of the girls: ELEGANCE, FASCINATION and SYMPATHY. The evaluation of the judges was contrasting but the sum of the votes gave the victory to the young Venetian who has excelled on the others with 11 points of advantage. In second place, three athletes ex aequo:Jessica Tesoniero (Pontecagnano) Virginia Bruno (Turin) e Irene Tombola (Venice). In third place Fabiana Costi (Reggiana). The beautiful Melania, to Luca Pisinicca's microphones, said she was incredulous of victory but happy. But the thought went immediately on the football played: "we hope to get back in the league to go up again with my company (San Martino Buon Abergo) in the National Series B". For each athlete the organization has donated one ROSE IN SILVER with the gold bud. The winner was rewarded with the PEARL OF BEAUTY and the company LD TECHNOLOGY he assigned her a NETBOOK. THE GOLDEN GIRL - GRAND GALA ' In the picture: MELANIA MAZZURANA - PHOTO LIBORIO VERONA

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GOLDEN BALLOON IN MELANIA GABBIADINI The Bardolino striker and the national team is confirmed as the strongest Italian player in the 2008-2009 championship, confirming last year's victory. The Jury voted unanimously the Gabbiadini, to the detriment of teammate Alessia Tuttino and the two athletes of Chiasiellis, Sara Gama and Rita Caravilla. The 4 athletes have been named by the companies as the strongest players in their respective roles. The evening was presented brilliantly by LUCA PISINICCA (RAI SPORT PIU ') entertaining the guests with the presentation and interviews with the athletes. Present the president of the DCF Giancarlo Padovan, the vice president Lina Musumarra and the CT of the National Under 17 Enrico Sbardella that we thank for their presence and for their interesting interventions and availability for interviews with the famous Pisinicca teleconist. On his return from the Federal Council, Padovan made his debut with the words spoken by the federal president Giancarlo Abete in the Federal Council on the implementation of the DCF calendar and on the GOLDEN GIRLS. Soon the video of the whole event and the photos of the legendary LIBORIO. Before the opening of the grand gala, the young director Maurizio Barili made a video spot inside the grand hotel, with the participation of all the amused and intrigued players to see the product made. Awarded by the famous magazine dedicated to coaches and players "ALLENATORE.NET" YOUNG PROMISES: Valentina Casaroli (Rome), Valentina Pedretti (Atalanta), Elena Linari (Primadonna Florence) and Marta Mason (Venice Casino). In premium a free one year subscription to the services offered by Milena Bertolini (Reggiana) bissa the GOLDEN PAN received in Coverciano as best mister 2008-2009 while Daniele Perina confirms best Press Officer. The Periplo sas, famous company known for its professional soccer software, has rewarded with its product "IO MISTER", Milena Bertolini, CT Enrico Sbardella, Bardolino Verona current Italian champion and Torres Eurospin for the results obtained this season in the European field. THE EVENING PICTURES - THE MOST STRONGER FOOTBALLERS - THE GOLDEN GIRL - GRAND GALA ' PHOTO LIBORIO VERONA

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GOLDEN GIRLS AT RISK MALTEMPO! Experts' forecasts come out ruthless. The North-East is waiting for a wave of bad weather that seems to leave no way out at the closure of airports and railway stations of Trieste, Venice, Verona and Bergamo. We hope the weather is kind and let us celebrate it NIGHT OF FEMALE SOCCER AWARDS. To wait in that of Marino our champions, in addition to the SAMPLES already described, are added other names of GREAT SPORTS PRESTIGIO. LUCA PISINICCA, RAI SPORT PIU's commentator and the HEAD OF SPORT EDITOR RICCARDO CUCCHI "VOICE" of ALL FOOTBALL MINUTE FOR MINUTE and the well-known commentator have accepted the invitation to football "en rose" and will be present at the GRAND HOTEL VILLA DEI PAPI of MARINO. Two important names that confirm their interest in the women's movement: the first is already known for the live coverage on RAI SPORT PIU ', will leave the microphone in the stands to put on the game shoes and challenge the GG, while the voice RADIO RAI of RICCARDO CUCCHI has given space to women's football with the direct radios of LAZIO - CHIASIELLIS and BARDOLINO - BRESCIA, thanks to the agreements made and the commitment reached by the president of the DCF GIANCARLO PADOVAN. To these pretigious names is added FRANCESCO SALVI! in Rome for the filming of the RAI "METTIAMOCI ALL'OPERA" program, the well-known comedian and actor took up the invitation and presented himself to the field to challenge the GOLDEN GIRLS and GRAND GALA 'to testify his esteem for women's football and bring imagination and joy to the evening. Caravilla, Gama, Tuttino, Seagulls, Sodini, Chinello, Tombola & C. they will not have an easy life and will be put to the test both on the green rectangle and on the stage of the Grand Gala. Reinforce the team led by Giancarlo Padovan, from the former bomber ANDREA SILENZI and from the central defender of the spring of Naples Josè Panarielloand from the Olympic Champions and the World: Oliva and Cuomo. Luigi Conte, World Military Champion in the 91 ', whom I sincerely thank for the cooperation given in this organization. Present the photographer LIBORIO and the young Director Maurizio Barili for the photos and the creation of a SPOT VIDEO with the athletes along with the champions. We expect a dream day ... hoping that time will let us do it!

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