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GOLDEN GIRLS AWARD 2009 It will be the beautiful setting of the Castelli Romani to host the NIGHT OF THE WOMEN'S FITNESS AWARDS. The 21 December, at 21.00, the Italian women's football will celebrate its stars at the beautiful GRAND HOTEL VILLA DEI PAPI of MARINO - An event for charity will be anticipated between the new formation of the GOLDEN GIRLS vs a formation composed of ex SPORT SAMPLES and JOURNALISTS. The event, organized by, is sponsored by the DCF, from Ministry of EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES and from MINISTRY OF YOUTH has been awarded by the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC with the representation medal. Among the guests who have already confirmed their presence stands the name of GIANCARLO PADOVAN, president of the women's soccer division and its closest and most trusted collaborators, the Olympic and World Champions PATRIZIO OLIVA e SANDRO CUOMO, and the bomber ANDREA SILENZI. For the women's soccer are also ready to take the field CYCLING CHAMPIONS and other characters that we will reveal in the coming days. Invited i CT of the Nationals Women's soccer, Ghedin, Corradini and Sbardella and the President of the LND Carlo Tavecchio, is GIANCARLO ABETE, president of the FIGC. The grand gala award will begin at 21.00, followed by interviews and awards to the best players elected with the votes of the company: CARAVILLA, GAMA, TUTTINO and GABBIADINI I am also in appointment for the assignment of the GOLDEN BALL. Mister Milena Bertolini e Daniele Perina they were elected as best Mister and best 2007-2008 Press Officer respectively. News in this edition are the YOUNG PROMISES: CASAROLI, PEDRETTI, LINARI and MASON - Recognition to all the 20 kickers nominated by the popular votes that make up, with the other athletes, the team of GOLDEN GIRLS. TO RESERVE THE BUFFET AND PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENING FULLY FILL THE FOLLOWING MODULE - THE COST OF THE BUFFET IS € 20.00 per person.

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THE STRONGER FOR THE ROLE ARE THEM! THE GOLDEN GIRLS AWARDS - AWARDED BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLICACON THE PATRONAGE OF THE FEMALE SOCCER DIVISION AND THE MINISTRY OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES AND YOUTH Draw the final rankings of the STRONGER CALCIATORS FOR ROLE - GOLDEN GIRLS AWARDS 2009 The companies and press officers voted for their favorites, naming three athletes, journalists and Mister for each role. The most popular Mister is Milena Bertolini (Reggiana) that the check for a single point on Salvatore Arca (Torres) while the bronze goes to Edoardo Bearzi (Tavagnacco) - The legendary is confirmed among press officers Daniele Perina (Bardolino) on the young Chiara Cerizza (Fiammamonza) e Marco Piva (Tavagnacco) Among the athletes we note that the "convocations" of the employees at work present some surprises: the strongest goalkeeper is RITA CARAVILLA (Chiasiellis) which anticipates ANNA MARIA PICARELLI (LOS ANGELES) e CUPITO (TORRES) - the most voted absolute is in the list of defenders: SARA GAMA - candidate for 2009 GOLDEN PALLONE - with 12 points (CHIASIELLIS) you leave behind important names like ELISABETTA TONA (TORRES) e VIVIANA SCHIAVI (BARDOLINO) while in midfield there was a struggle between ALESSIA TUTTINO (Chiasiellis) vs ELISA CAMPORESE (TAVAGNACCO), the Friulian athlete is a ticker, but also a hat for the return of the great CAMPORESE. In attack marks more ... points MELANIA GABBIADINI (BARDOLIN0) holder of the 2008 GOLDEN BALLOON. We do not reveal the young promises still waiting to meet all in Rome the December 21 for the awards and for a great match ... Rankings & information on ...

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THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC AWARDS THE GOLDEN GIRLS THE MINISTRY OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, ON. CARFAGNA, PATROCINIA THE EVENT, WAITING FOR THE PATRONAGE OF THE MINISTRY OF YOUTH AND THE DELEGATE TO SPORT The sponsorships obtained thanks to the collaboration with NFNP, Nadia Taschini for communication and Marco Vallini for the realization of the brochure. The highest Institutional offices reward the IDEA of GOLDEN GIRLS 2009 and wish the success of the event. The 2009 event foresees the delivery of the AWARD to the strongest players, the GOLDEN BALL, the prizes to stronger companies and to theirs executives and coaches. In this edition companies were called into question to name the strongest athletes of each category instead of popular votes but many companies did not cooperate. Great gala with dinner ed election of the GOLDEN GIRL 2009 with the realization of the 2010 CALENDAR together with SPORT SAMPLES. The BIG MATCH football match between the GOLDEN GIRLS vs the CHAMPION TEAM closes the event

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GOLDEN GIRLS-AWARD 2009. THE COMPANIES WILL VOTE THE STRONGEST KICKS. THE NOMINATION HAS ALREADY SENT: SERIES A: MILAN, TORRES, TAVAGNACCO, ROME, REGGIANA, BARDOLINO VERONA, ATALANTA, CHIASIELLIS, CASINO 'VENEZIA ... PRESS RELEASES: ALDO GALLIZZI, MARCO PIVA, MARIELLA QUINTARELLI, DANIELE PERINA, LUCIANO BACHETTI, ANNA DAZZAN, MAURIZIO TOSO A2 SERIES: UPEA ORLANDIA, IL GIOIELLO FIRENZE. SERIES B: DOMINA A. NEAPOLIS, ALESSANDRIA ... PRESS RELEASES: ANDREA PUGGELLI (GIOIELLO FIRENZE), PEREZ PETER (SUDTIROL VINTL), SACCO ROBERTA (ALESSANDRIA) The companies and the press officers of the two A-series companies are the first to send us their nominations and our editorial team thanked for their cooperation. Waiting for the other companies of all the championships to make the names of their favorites, we inform you that the VOTES ARE SECRET AND WILL BE DIFFUSED ONLY THE NOMINATIVES VOTED BUT NOT THOSE WHO HAVE EXPRESSED THE VOWS In the 5 ^ edition of the Golden Girls there is a wind of news regarding the awarding of the Awards. On the official site of the Golden Girls, being completed, all the news, for the moment we anticipate on this site starting from the athletes. The championships are now in the last days and you start to breathe the air of sentences; tight fights at the top of the rankings and tensions in the relegation zone will liven up even more this incandescent season finale. Everything is still open and anything can happen in a vintage where there is a pleasant uncertainty that makes everything even more enjoyable. Different speech regarding the performance in the field of the players. Now it's time to make a provisional ranking, given that our athletes have had plenty of time to prove their value. Unfortunately, many players have been victims of injuries that have affected their performance and presence in the field; a big wish for a speedy recovery goes to all those who are still in the infirmary with the hope of being able to see them again on the football pitch as soon as possible. For this difficult task of generating a list of the strongest athletes, I thought to directly call them into question company. Dalla A league at the championships regional, involving the sectors youth including the "young promises" category primevera. The companies will be able to vote for them stronger players in the various roles for their league. With this system ..

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OPEN THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE GOLDEN GIRLS - YOU START WITH THE VOWS! WHAT THE FOOTBALL PLAYS REALLY .. di NADIA TASCHINI An event entirely dedicated to the other half of football, the one that has always been far from honors and privileges, from the media stages and from legislative attention. Let's talk about the ball declined to the feminine. Let's talk about those that football ... they really play it and that, even though they share their commitment, passion, sacrifices and difficulties with their "bigger" teammates, they testify every day that the neighbor's grass is always more green. But not happier. In their eyes shines the dream that unites the champions, in their legs the flicker and grace of the great soloists, in their hearts the certainty of a victory that will lead them away from any disappointment and sadness. Every day they take to the field, in sport and in life, with irony and lightness, grateful for those (im) equal opportunities that have always made them run. Back on stiletto heels? The story has not changed much since the days of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair, maybe it's just a little bit easier to chase the dream ... with the shoes. To them, to their strength and beauty, to the all-female ability to change themselves before the world, to invent the future and to proceed where others surrender, GOLDEN GIRLS 2009 is dedicated. A tribute to creativity and passion. Attributes that no woman will ever have to conquer on the field, whether it is grass or not!

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