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THE CONGRATULATIONS OF THE FEDERAL PRESIDENT GIANCARLO ABETE by Walter Pettinati Mission accomplished! The delivery of the "BOOK" is having the desired effect. the goal was to make known the protagonists of women's football, present at the Oscar night, institutions and media, has been brilliantly achieved. Thanks to the collaboration of Graphistudio that has produced a product of excellent quality and of the Dream Project production who made the video spot and the DVD of the evening the highest ministerial and federal positions were able to live the event that rewards the football qualities of our players. These results can not but please, as the event started from nothing and has developed over the years with few collaborations and shares, obtaining the most important and unexpected attention. After these findings, the 2009 edition of the Golden Girls Awards can be considered closed. It can be said that the efforts made by the undersigned, collaborators and players, close a prestigious edition that has been able to conquer important stages, receiving attention and respect. A vehicle of important external communication that perhaps is not finding the right share in its movement. "Nemo propheta in homeland" With these products I wanted to present, to the outside world of the movement, the other face of women's football, the one outside the green rectangle and far from the days of training and sacrifice. I wanted to present the femininity, the charm, the passion and the sensibility of the BIG, of the young promises and of all the women who play football for all those institutions and media that do not know the interpreters of this movement and do nothing to do it develop and grow. In this regard I want to mention one of the many sentences written byOn. Meloni "IT'S TO SPREAD THE FACT THAT THE FEMALE FOOTBALL HAS BEEN DEVELOPED FIRST IN REALITY THAT DO NOT ENJOY THE GREATEST FOOTBALL TRADITION" yet, I think, it would be enough to give the possibility to the Italian women's football to become the best in the world. That it is true, then, that there is the fear of confrontation and does machismo exist for real? ... yet we are all children of our mothers .. Walter Pettinati
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