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THE MINISTER OF THE YOUTH - ON. MELONI - WRITES IN CALCIODONNE The letter from On.Meloni, Minister of Youth, with whom she thanked for the gift received "BOOK - GOLDEN GIRLS 2009", unexpectedly arrived, like all the good news. <<g> [...] Golden Girls is really well packaged. Beautiful images of a football world entirely feminine from which shines beauty and serenity>> and continues writing <<g> Since the times of Rita Pavone's "ball game", women have come a long way>> above all, the Minister seems well informed on the subject and sends us an invitation <<g> I hope that we can continue on this path that seems to be the best way to continue on the path of affirmation of women's football>>. A letter of content and not the usual due thanks. You can read the letter entirely in the contents of this article. Golden girls awards has created its own space in the Institutions but can not find the full sharing and collaboration of the women's movement that is trying to promote! I leave to you every consideration .. [img] [/ img]
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