Friday, January 24 2020
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THE GOLDEN GIRL 2009: MELANIA MAZZURANA Here's to you THE GOLDEN GIRL 2009. It is called Melania Mazzurana, goalkeeper of San Martino Buon Albergo (VR), has 18 years completed the 2 October and was born under the sign of the scale. In the final evening the jury was called to cast a vote from 1 to 10 for the following characteristics of the girls: ELEGANCE, FASCINATION and SYMPATHY. The evaluation of the judges was contrasting but the sum of the votes gave the victory to the young Venetian who has excelled on the others with 11 points of advantage. In second place, three athletes ex aequo:Jessica Tesoniero (Pontecagnano) Virginia Bruno (Turin) e Irene Tombola (Venice). In third place Fabiana Costi (Reggiana). The beautiful Melania, to Luca Pisinicca's microphones, said she was incredulous of victory but happy. But the thought went immediately on the football played: "we hope to get back in the league to go up again with my company (San Martino Buon Abergo) in the National Series B". For each athlete the organization has donated one ROSE IN SILVER with the gold bud. The winner was rewarded with the PEARL OF BEAUTY and the company LD TECHNOLOGY he assigned her a NETBOOK. THE GOLDEN GIRL - GRAND GALA ' In the picture: MELANIA MAZZURANA - PHOTO LIBORIO VERONA GOLDEN GIRLS 2009 - A football award dedicated to the qualities of the athletes. During the evenings the athletes were also admired for their charm, elegance and friendliness. Interviewed by Rai television commentator Luca Pisinicca, the players spoke about their football goals and the companies they belong to. In great expectation the realization of the video spot made inside the hotel that has seen the athletes protagonists ... the love for the ball has no limits! [Img] [/ img]
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