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THE CONGRATULATIONS OF THE FEDERAL PRESIDENT GIANCARLO ABETE by Walter Pettinati Mission accomplished! The delivery of the "BOOK" is having the desired effect. the goal was to make known the protagonists of women's football, present at the Oscar night, institutions and media, has been brilliantly achieved. Thanks to the collaboration of Graphistudio that has produced a product of excellent quality and of the Dream Project production who made the video spot and the DVD of the evening the highest ministerial and federal positions were able to live the event that rewards the football qualities of our players. These results can not but please, as the event started from nothing and has developed over the years with few collaborations and shares, obtaining the most important and unexpected attention. After these findings, the 2009 edition of the Golden Girls Awards can be considered closed. It can be said that the efforts made by the undersigned, collaborators and players, close a prestigious edition that has been able to conquer important stages, receiving attention and respect. A vehicle of important external communication that perhaps is not finding the right share in its movement. "Nemo propheta in homeland" With these products I wanted to present, to the outside world of the movement, the other face of women's football, the one outside the green rectangle and far from the days of training and sacrifice. I wanted to present the femininity, the charm, the passion and the sensibility of the BIG, of the young promises and of all the women who play football for all those institutions and media that do not know the interpreters of this movement and do nothing to do it develop and grow. In this regard I want to mention one of the many sentences written byOn. Meloni "IT'S TO SPREAD THE FACT THAT THE FEMALE FOOTBALL HAS BEEN DEVELOPED FIRST IN REALITY THAT DO NOT ENJOY THE GREATEST FOOTBALL TRADITION" yet, I think, it would be enough to give the possibility to the Italian women's football to become the best in the world. That it is true, then, that there is the fear of confrontation and does machismo exist for real? ... yet we are all children of our mothers ..

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THE MINISTER OF THE YOUTH - ON. MELONI - WRITES IN CALCIODONNE The letter from On.Meloni, Minister of Youth, with whom she thanked for the gift received "BOOK - GOLDEN GIRLS 2009", unexpectedly arrived, like all the good news. <<g> [...] Golden Girls is really well packaged. Beautiful images of a football world entirely feminine from which shines beauty and serenity>> and continues writing <<g> Since the times of Rita Pavone's "ball game", women have come a long way>> above all, the Minister seems well informed on the subject and sends us an invitation <<g> I hope that we can continue on this path that seems to be the best way to continue on the path of affirmation of women's football>>. A letter of content and not the usual due thanks. You can read the letter entirely in the contents of this article. Golden girls awards has created its own space in the Institutions but can not find the full sharing and collaboration of the women's movement that is trying to promote! I leave to you every consideration ..

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GOLDEN GIRLS AWARDS 2009, THE COMPLETE BOOK The book was created by the undersigned and printed, in a limited edition, free of charge from the "GRAPHISTUDIO" - FOTO LIBORIO VERONA. Attached the DVD of the gala evening with the awards and the video spot, made by MAURIZIO BARILI, aired on RAI SPORT in all the episodes of FOOTBALL GIRLS. In this week the shipping of the books to clubs and players present at the event. The book was sent to FIGC, LND, DCF, PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, MINISTER OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, MINISTER OF THE YOUTH and to the newspapers and TV stations that gave space to the event. To see the complete book click on the following link GOLDEN GIRLS BOOK 2009 it is advisable to view the book in full screen by clicking on the box on the bottom left

Walter Pettinati

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THE ORIGINAL GOLDEN GIRLS BOOK by GRAPHISTUDIO The book of the GG 2009 includes the DVD with the video spot on air on RAI SPORT and images of the entire evening and will be delivered as early as next week to all participating athletes, companies, collaborators, ministries and federal institutions that have sponsored 'event. A copy to all the newspapers and TV that have advertised and will be disclosed to promote the next edition of the FEMALE FOOTBALL OSCAR .. Anyone interested in the book can make a request to our editors. This realization completes the 5 ° edition of the GG full of satisfactions and gratifications MORALI at the beginning unimaginable and unexpected but also of objectives to be improved and optimized. The work is printed in A4 format with materials of the best quality from GRAPHISTUDIO, leading company in the WORLD field, sensitive to women's football - sponsor of Tavagnacco, and of the eponymous team that plays in the A2 series. The Photographer CLEMENTE LIBORIO of VERONA, the director MAURIZIO BARILI and ALFREDO SABATINI, who created the cover, took part in the book. Waiting for the 2010 edition, "the golden girls of Italian women's football" match after match, they arrived at the tip of tacchetti on Rai Sport, protagonists of the Magazine "Football Girls", conducted by the journalist Rai - Luca Pisinicca - in wave every wednesday, organized with the collaboration of DCF. Rai Sport will be present with Pisinicca-Murelli at the next GG 2010 to resume and comment on the salient phases of the awarding of the Awards and the match against sports journalists and personalities of sport and entertainment. And the next network ?! Well, a new project is coming to promote the movement through an exceptional BOOK that will be presented on the occasion of the next GG: two / three players from each team of Serie A, National Under 17 and Under 19 and all national and regional categories , are carrying out a photo shoot with the participation of a pool of FASHION PHOTOGRAPHERS of FASHION. Theme: "Love and passion for football and team membership highlighting charm and femininity"

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THE "FIRST SOCCER" MAGAZINE SPEAKS ABOUT US The journalist Valentina Cristiani has dedicated a page to GOLDEN GIRLS and FEMALE SOCCER in the Bologna football and Bologna Calcio magazines. The spectators who arrived at the Dallara stadium were able to read a gem of our movement. The editorial staff of continues, in small steps, to promote, with external publicist, the women's football movement. After the 2 articles appeared on the GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT, Arena di Verona, Giornale di Reggio, Information, Roma News, Taranto sport, Sevenpress also the Bolognese athletes have met some of the strongest Italian players and initiatives dedicated to them thanks to collaborators competent and professional. Mrs. Cristiani is the conductor of a TV program and is open to host the companies and athletes of the Italian women's football scene. Thanks from our editorial staff. In the content you can read the article.

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