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Elena Tramonti from Livorno elected "the cutest footballer 07-08" In second place, Alfia Visiello (Vesevus Trecase) follows Adriana Ricciardi (Livorno). athletes in the field, educated, feminine and beautiful outside the rectangle of play the Italian players have proved "women" complete from every point of view. The life of a woman does not end in a football field and these players have made an important contribution with this initiative to the whole movement. Sign of great maturity and dedication. Next year, says Walter Pettinati, we will launch the initiative of the "nicest footballer" at the European and World level with lots of football tournaments with the participating nations. Other than stars in bikinis, our women will be at the top of world women's football within a few years. Who will have the courage to face each other forward .. "Presidents of the jury (in the photo): Franco Ricci, president of the National Stylists and Luigi Conte former player: "The players were all very nice and our choice was difficult. Elena Tramonti is elected ""Nicest footballer""for the second time (2006 / 07 Lago di Garda) Daughter of father played in Fiorentina, the beautiful labronica manages to combine study, football and fashion Livorno, the land of great football traditions, now celebrates the two labroniche beauties of the president Ricciardi (council of the Presidency of the Division Football Female) that does not hold the satisfaction: "We have done for the second consecutive year an excellent championship series B, we focus on youth sectors and we can proudly say that count over 100 card holders" Sandy Iannella who now plays with the emblazoned Torres is "daughter" of our nursery.Who said that women's football is practiced by "maschiacci" did not understand anything .. PHOTO LIBORIO - VERONA

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MELANIA GABBIADINI, GOLDEN GIRL 2007-2008 Saturday 12 July at the "Old Fashion" nightclub in Milan the "OSCAR" of women's football have been awarded. The event organized by, sponsored by the designer "Flavio Castellani" and presented by Ivan Zazzaroni has seen rewarding the strongest players in the Italian Serie A championship. The jury's verdict has decreed Melania Gabbiadini "Golden Ball". The Bardolino athlete has shown great athletic skills and techniques both in the national and international field and has great room for improvement. For me, says the director of calciodonne, the Gabbiadini is the strongest European player, it just has to believe more in itself. Brunozzi, Sorvillo, Tuttino and Fuselli awarded as best goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker respectively. "Fuselli (Torres) will also talk about himself because he has the numbers to emerge and improve." Career recognition for Rita Guarino.Aeesnti for commitments abroad Carolina Morace and Giorgia Brenzan. Unable to participate Betty Vignotto. Awarded with a "Kris gem" l'Azzurra Olga Gori attended the evening and interviewed exclusively for "Golden Girls". Soon the full video of the evening on TV. The results obtained in the Italian and above all the European field reward the company of President Battistoli and his staff. The legendary Daniele Perina and Mister Renato Longega awarded by the "PrimoPiano leather goods" as best press officer and Mister. The magic Rome best series company A2 and Juventus Torino as the best B-series company Battistoli, Girelli, Tuttino, Sorvillo, Brunozzi and Longega. PHOTO LIBORIO - VERONA

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Golden Girls, - 1 Between large confirmations and cancellations we are at the door of the first great gala of women's football. Forfeit of President Natalina Ceraso Levati, who everyway thanks and wishes a successful outcome of the event. The VIPs who want to honor women's football with their presence are increasing, prominent journalists and newspaper managers like Michele Di Cersare (director Il Nuovo calcio), Marco DelCheccolo (Adidas) Francesco Veluzzi (Gazzetta dello Sport), Gino Orengo (Sprint & Sport), Paolo Panti (Corriere Sportivo), Roberto Levi (Turin Chronicle), Anna Meduri (Tuttosport) Simona Ragusa (CR Piedmont), Carmelo Roselli,Elisabetta Madotto (Model), Cinzia Fiocco and Pasture Maristella ( Franco Ricci (Former Juventus player, prosecutor and Mister of the National Team), Giovanni Francini (former player of Napoli, Torino and of the National) Other VIPs and sports figures, fashion and gossip will be announced tonight with a GREAT SURPRISE!

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Stjarnorna ska vinna - the bikinis Swedish sports newspaper dedicates half a page to the "LA CALCIATRICE PIU CARINA" contest The title translated into Italian means "THE STARS WIN IN BIKINI" but the content is not as ironic as it may seem, on the contrary, it highlights the constructive spirit of Italian players to publicize this sport. An initiative presented as an example to follow for the Swedes. Sport & femininity. The fact is that for our initiative, one of the strongest Scandinavian countries in the world in women's football speaks Italians. A miracle that for now was only touched at Bardolino Verona. We are sure that our athletes are not just cute and are second to no other national team. The Italians have shown that they are very good at playing and the Swedish professionals will understand it as soon as possible. It would be enough for the FIGC to recognize these merits and give us equal opportunities for male colleagues. Today the clear victory of our Azzurrine demonstrates the quality of our "amateurs" Thanks to the Swedish newspaper for advertising that we will try to thank. In detail, the newspaper article that was kindly sent to us by a Swedish footballer.

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