Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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A video dedicated to the initiative the "nicest footballer" Each member will be included in the video with the nicest and most clikkate photos. Participants and visitors can choose a music or song to match with every single girl. You can also release ideas and suggestions for the graphic and structural realization of the video. If you have videos that highlight the technical qualities of the players in the competition can send it or communicate it to our editorial staff for inclusion in the video. We want to present the athletes in the dual role of women and footballers with photos, videos and phrases taken from the interview. What do you think of this initiative?

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On Sunday evening, a representation between the first team and the youth sector will be hosted by the sports program of Videoliona Sportclub broadcast on 20: 50. It will be an opportunity to draw up an initial assessment of this beginning of the season, and to talk about the participation of the rossoblu 'Claudia Cuccu at the national competition "The most beautiful soccer player".

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THE PIU CARINA FOOTBALLER: CLAUDIA CUCCU INTERVIEW VIDEOLINA The important Sardinian TV has aired the TG of the 13.00 a good service on the bomber of Villaputzu (A2) that participates in our initiative of the nicest footballer. The service was shot directly on the training field of the Sardinian company. La Cuccu will be present at the Videolina studios on Sunday 21 October. Even an initiative like the nicest footballer has spoken about women's football. See the video of the service


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THE MOST CARINE PLAYER, VOTES ARE OPEN Voting to decide the prettiest player is open. You can vote up to the 31 Maggio 2008. Thanks to a collaboration agreement stipulated by with the Alba Adriatica Hostess & Model agency, the players will be offered the opportunity to make themselves known even beyond the playing field. The participants in the initiative will be part of a promotion program in which the agency, during the competition, may propose one or more participants for television events, fashion shows, photo shoots, testimonials, promoters, disco nights and much more. "Dulcis in fundo the finalists will be awarded a one-year collaborative contract with the agency. Vote the soccer player

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The "the cutest footballer" initiative

THEY ARE STARTED TO ARRIVE THE INSCRIPTIONS. EXCELLENT PARTICIPATION AND RECONFIRM The first registered is Alessandra Salvagno (left picture), external midfielder of Mestre (Serie B). Alessandra studied Economics and would like to be a singer. From Liguria arrives Carlotta Fornara, 21 years midfielder of Matuziana Sanremo (Serie C). He works and has recently discovered a writer. He won a competition and was published his first yellow book. Simona Sodini(photo on the right), Turin's trequartista does not need any introduction. He works and is enrolled in the Faculty of Communication Sciences and Journalism. Membership covers every category, from Serie A to Regional series. The players are always available to promote women's football and the editorial team hopes that there is a massive membership of players so that the agency that manages the promotional aspect has a wide choice to propose athletes to many events. Click here to see the photos of the participants The newspaper "" has published an article on our initiative. Click here to see the Claw

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