Sunday, 26 January 2020
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Golden Girls, videos of the evening

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GOLDEN GIRLS, ONLINE ALL THE EVENING VIDEOS The videos of the Gonden Girls' evening are online at Waiting for the video montage to be broadcast in TvSat and the realization of the "BOOK OF THE EVENING" with the beautiful images taken from PHOTO LIBORIO, we thought to make you welcome, publishing all the videos of the awards of the party. From the awarding of the prizes to the best companies to the prizes awarded to the strongest players for each role. From the awards to the millet press officer and millet mister until the delivery of the GOLDEN PALLET won by MELANIA GABBIADINI. Interviews with the protagonists and special guests such as GIANCARLO PADOVAN (candidate for the women's football division), Rita Guarino (career award), our footballers abroad (Gori, Pini, Cantoro) well represented by the presence of the blue Olga Gori . Nice backstage video of the photos of all the players. The consolidated collaboration between & the NO FAIR NO PLAY Team, with whom I collaborate personally, represented on the occasion by the coach of the Luigi Conte team and by Franco Ricci (president of the national designers). This new collaboration will bring good visibility for women's football. In fact, it has already been organized for the 11 September in Canosa di Puglia, a great event that will see the women's football protagonist. Soon the official statement of the event. To see the videos click on this link. Good vision to all Walter Pettinati People interested in buying the BOOK OF THE EVENING can request it from our staff. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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