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Pink night or night of the turn? "Golden Girls" arrives the first great gala of women's football

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MILAN. There comes a moment in the history of anything in which it is necessary to have a red marker or a highlighter. July 12 2008, circle this date on the agenda because al Old Fashion disco in Milan it's time for the first one
"Golden Girls" organized by
sponsored first by the stylist Flavio Castellani but also from Kris Jewels, Consortium for the protection of Asti, Red Bull, Closeup, Hostile Furniture. Photo Liborio and the Giorgio Gambino recording for photo shoots and video commercials. They call it the pink night of Italian football and for those who were not aware of it, it will be in fact the first great gala dedicated entirely to women's football and its protagonists. Fantastic frame and an exceptional voice. To present the evening, to which they will be invite all the national companies and the winners of the regional championships, there will be a well-known television journalist. Present characters from the world of entertainment, fashion and sport that we will reveal later ... But the attention will be all for them: companies, technicians and above all kickers. No doubt, those who are particularly distinguished in the 2007 / 2008 season, can not fail to receive a prize. It goes in fact from those distributed role by role to the golden ball for the best ever. Acknowledgments also for the mister and the best press officer, the young promise and the national companies stronger than each category. Who will be most voted on the site, will be included in the nominations of the pink night and will fight for a spot in the spotlight in the field of expertise. The combination of sport and fashion that serves as a glue to this event will be more evident, however, when a "Get off" on the catwalk will be fifteen beautiful athletes in the contest "The cutest footballer". Griffate strictly Flavio Castellani, the aspirants to the scepter of the most beautiful player will have to convince the special jury of journalists, coaches and companies, to choose the "Queen". It will be a difficult choice as well as for all the other nominations in a season in which the Italian women's soccer has shown numerous protagonists. Anyway it will be a success for everyone, for the movement, that never before this 12 July 2008, had had such a strong resonance at the national level to the point of attracting the attention of prominent personalities and important sponsors. Pink night or night of the turn? THE FINALISTS YOU DECIDE YOU, CHOOSE THE STRONGEST FOOTBALLS FOR EVERY ROLE AND THE BEST COMPANIES! Noemi Diamantini The invitation is valid for 2 (two) people. The players who receive the invitation will be reimbursed for travel expenses and overnight stays. The chairmen of the companies can take advantage of the overnight stay. REGULATIONS THE MOST CARICER FOOTBALL a) 15 kickers of the "the nicest footballer" contest will be admitted to the final evening; b) The girls will be dressed by the stylist "Flavio Castellani"; c) The girls will be combed and made up by skilled personnel; d) The girls will participate in the "backstage" live during the evening with the photographers and videos taken; e) The 2008-2009 calendar will be created and a book + a promotional video will be distributed nationwide; f) A fashion service will be created; g) Girls must release a release of the above. h) Location: old fashion (In Milan Discotheque THE COMPANY AWARDS a) The most voted companies on the website will take part in the vote. b) All the national championship clubs are invited to the party; c) The companies must belong to the LND Women's Football Division (national championships of series A - A2 - B) d) The first companies will be classified in the final evening with the following criteria: 1) The first 3 companies of the series A 2 4 company of the A2 series 3) The first 5 companies of the B series e) The companies that won the LND Series C Championship are invited to collect the prize f) The Bardolino Verona company will be awarded g) The "bench d ' gold "to the best mister h) The" golden pen "to the best press officer THE PRIZE OF THE STRONGEST CALCIATORS The 3 best-rated kickers for each role will be invited to the final evening a) The finalists divided by role will be determined with the following criteria: b) The 3 most voted players for the aforementioned roles will participate in the following awards: 1) The strongest goalkeeper 2) The strongest defender 3) strongest 4 player) The strongest striker 5) The "golden ball" to the strongest ever 6 player) The young promise THE JURY a) The winners will be decreed by the jury votes b) The jury will be composed of coaches , press officers and companies c) Each juror will have at his disposal the appropriate cards on which he will have to vote (from 1 to 5) For information contact Mr. Walter Pettinati 392-5065315 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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