Monday, March 30 2020
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Golden Girls, videos of the evening

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GOLDEN GIRLS, ONLINE ALL THE EVENING VIDEOS The videos of the Gonden Girls' evening are online at Waiting for the video montage to be broadcast in TvSat and the realization of the "BOOK OF THE EVENING" with the beautiful images taken from PHOTO LIBORIO, we thought to make you welcome, publishing all the videos of the awards of the party. From the awarding of the prizes to the best companies to the prizes awarded to the strongest players for each role. From the awards to the millet press officer and millet mister until the delivery of the GOLDEN PALLET won by MELANIA GABBIADINI. Interviews with the protagonists and special guests such as GIANCARLO PADOVAN (candidate for the women's football division), Rita Guarino (career award), our footballers abroad (Gori, Pini, Cantoro) well represented by the presence of the blue Olga Gori . Nice backstage video of the photos of all the players. The consolidated collaboration between & the NO FAIR NO PLAY Team, with whom I collaborate personally, represented on the occasion by the coach of the Luigi Conte team and by Franco Ricci (president of the national designers). This new collaboration will bring good visibility for women's football. In fact, it has already been organized for the 11 September in Canosa di Puglia, a great event that will see the women's football protagonist. Soon the official statement of the event. To see the videos click on this link.

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Golden Girls: beauty under the stars

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telegiornaliste logo pGolden Girls: beauty under the stars of Pierpaolo Di Paolo has dedicated a large space to our "Golden Girls" initiative. Agonism & charm, a new combination that has allowed us to make news for women's football. Soon the beautiful photos of Liborio and the full video of the evening will be broadcast on satellite TV and of course on We thank the staff of for having made available a space in their portal visited by many visitors who do not follow our sport. to read the article on TV newscasts click here In detail the photo "Liborio" exclusive to of the "team the nicest footballer" Walter Pettinati

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Golden girls, the pink night of female football

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THE NIGHT OF THE TURNING! The first estimates are drawn seven days before the women's football festival. by Walter Pettinati It was a nice party for the whole movement "Golden girls". Under the management of the mythical "IVAN ZAZZARONI" At the disco Old Fashion, located in the Sempione park in Milan, were delivered "OSCAR" to Italian soccer players. For the first time the best female players were voted by role, but also the companies, the coaches and the experts, appointed by the protagonist and following the movement out of the green rectangle. The "GOLDEN BALL" has been assigned to MELANIA GABBIADINI(Bardolino). For the first time, the known fashion sponsored the players. FLAVIO CASTELLANI, KRIS GIOIELLI, PRIMOPIANO they linked their image to this historical event. ELENA TRAMONTI elected "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CALCIATRICE" Other important names have contributed decisively to the success of the event, which is wet by a heavy rain in the middle of the evening and are: OSTILIO MOBILI, RED BULL and CONSORTIUM OF THE PROTECTION OF ASTI. Thanks to the hotel "JOHNNY" of Milan for hosting the participants. A heartfelt thanks, on my part and from the whole movement, a GIANCARLO PADOVAN for having contributed and involved important newspaper editors and journalists at the event. An act of altruism to give space to this movement that wants to emerge and open up. A simple demonstration of how media attention can be drawn to an event that in the past had no prominence. I believe, if the memory does not mislead me, that this is the second time (after the scoop Panic), that "THE GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT" publishes a picture of two female footballers with lots of articles for a women's soccer event. I hope that the third article will come out tomorrow after the "victory of our azzurrine all'Europeo". I have always believed and wanted to organize these initiatives and this 3 edition has undoubtedly passed the editions passed in many respects, but the improvements, I hope, will be seen in the future. In September, 2007 talked about women's football ad Alessio Zingoni, I proposed to become part of, we talked about my many ideas to promote women's football and the difficulties to achieve them. Together we planned this event. Alessio has managed to involve some important companies that have become sponsors of the evening. Thanks to Max Bertolani and Roberta Antignozzi for introducing us to the disco Old Fashion. Thanks to Vittorio Sachero for contributing to the organization of the party. Thanks to all those present and also to those absent. Women's football is changing, nobody will be able to hinder its growth!

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