Sunday, May 31 2020
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San Marino Academy Very young: tomorrow the interregional final starts

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After closing the preliminary from unbeaten, the Giovanissime are preparing to begin the final interregional phase, namely the two days of Jesi that will see them opposed, in order, to Florentia, Castelvecchio / Cesena and Bologna, with only one prize at stake Final Four passes that will take place in nearby San Zaccaria from 20 to 23 June.

It starts tomorrow with the two races of the first round, both scheduled at 17: 00. The next two rounds, which also include contemporaneity, will take place on Sunday: as regards the morning games, the initial whistle will be issued to the 10: 00, while in the case of those in the afternoon, to the 16: 00. In the end, only one team will pass the turn, the leaders of the group (Girone 3), who will go to San Zaccaria to take their chances of winning the national title.

The interregional finals - made up of four groups in which names like Inter, Milan, Sampdoria, Juventus, Atalanta, Hellas Verona, Rome and Naples are read - include the Italian group formula with one-way races, just like in the previous round, but compared to the latter there will be a significant change: the Technical Game. These are two series of 9 shootout per team to be carried out immediately before the first and second half of each game. At the end of the latter, the total number of goals scored by each of the two teams will be considered, and those who succeed in imposing themselves from this point of view could derive considerable advantages in the composition of the final classification. In fact, the tournament rules in hand, the criteria for establishing hierarchies in the event of an equal points arrival are the following, listed in descending order of importance:

- outcome of direct matches (result of 3 game times)
- ranking "divorced" in the case of three or more teams on an equal footing
- result of the Technical Game between the teams with equal merit
- greater number of players participating in the competitions
- best score in the Fair Play ranking
- Draw

As mentioned, the Titan of Valeria Canini will debut tomorrow against Florentia. The following day, in the morning, they will find the same age of Castelvecchio, also faced in the preliminary round like them and also qualified for the recent regional final stages. During the latter, for the sake of precision in the final, the white-blues had crossed their boots with Bologna, their opponent on Sunday afternoon for the last engagement of this group.

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