Tuesday, July 16 2019
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Under 12 Women, Parma-Mozzanica test match

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Noceto, 18 March 2019 - The activity of the Parma female nursery continues: after the guests of Milan at the Vismara Sports Center, another important test match, this time for the Under 12 Beginners (already second in the Trincerone Trophy of La Spezia): at Noce, in fact, 17 Marzo arrived 2019 the 2007 / 2008 class soccer players of the Mozzanica, a historic company in the field of football in pink, since last summer affiliated with Atalanta.

Beyond the result (the Mozzanica won the first two times while the third closed 1-1) what is most interesting is that the understanding of the group born a few months ago is slowly growing - and entrusted to Mattia Mattia Riccardi - hopefully it can be the Crusader tank for years to come. In this sense, in the end, the sincere compliments of the opposing staff used to dominate the test matches played so far while the Pulcine Crusades sold their leather dearly, also going close to the goal of the 2-1 at the end of the third time ...

(3 times from 20 ′ cad. 7 vs 7 mode)

Partial results: 0-1, 0-3, 1-1)

Markers: 5 'Marano; 9 'st, 12' st Villa 17 'st Sordelli; 2 'tt Sordelli, 10' tt Malanca

PARMA - 1. Marwa Lawari, 2. Stella Camellini, 3. Sofia Salati, 4. Martina Fregoso, 5. Martina Malanca, 6. Federica Buonocore, 5. Giorgia Valmori, 7. Sofia Prevoli, 8. Agata Attolini, 9. Annalisa Solari, 10. Zoe Avella, 11. Vanessa Ianelli, 13. Chiara Tognolini. Herds Mattia Riccardi

MOZZANICA - 1. Ilary Merizio; 2. Giorgia Casantello, 4. Viola Schiavini, 6. Emma Longaretti, 7. Fiammetta Sordelli, 8. Chiara Collina, 10. Rosangela Marano, 11. Melissa Villa. All. Luca Goi

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