Monday, August 19 2019
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Very young Under 15, Sassuolo defeats Parma

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Rivalta (RE), 18 March 2019 - 5 ^ Day of Return of the Junior Regional Championship Under 15 Women, Sunday 17 March 2019, on the field of Rivalta (RE) the Sassuolo Calcio Female beats the Parma 6-2 (doubling exactly the number of goal compared to the first leg: at Noce, in fact, a group ago ended 1-3).

The game, after a phase of study, sees the landlords take the lead, around the middle of the first half, with Bonibaldoni who realizes on the fly a corner kick, finding a hole in the pile of legs of comrades and opponents mocking Quagliozzi. A fine technical gesture, undoubtedly, that of the deputy captain of things, but the Crociatines, as often happens, suffer the superior physicality of their opponents and end up succumbing to one-on-one scoring. The second half begins and, after a few minutes, a splendid action is immediately recorded on the left of Pergjegaj, who, after starting from midfield and missing two opponents, arrives at the bottom and puts left into the middle for the arrival in the race of Giuberti who opens the right and bags in the opposite corner (1-1).

After the draw there is almost the illusion that Parma is able to bring home a prestigious success, but then two defensive ingenuities allow Marasco to score two goals and close the match (1-3). In the third time some injuries force Mr. Berigazzi to let some of his players play out of role and Sassuolo takes advantage of this by putting on three more goals (again with Bonibaldoni, in addition to Spirito and Cataldo, while a Reggiani own goal limits the liability to the definitive 6 -2). To sum up: first and second half really fought, but defensive ingenuity ultimately affects: Sassuolo Calcio Feminine is definitely more cynical, and Parma, on the other hand, still has to improve a lot on this aspect ...

(9 vs 9, Three times from 20 ′ cad .: 1-0; 2-1; 3-1)
Markers: pt: Bonibaldoni; st: Giuberti, 2 Marrasco; tt: Bonibaldoni, Spirito, Cataldo, Reggiani (author)

SASSUOLO FEMALE SOCCER - 1. Of Nallo; 2. Bonibaldoni (V. Cap.), 3. Hunting, 4. Marasco, 5. Reggiani, 6. Guided, 7. Sassi (Cap.), 8.Bertolinelli, 9. Spirit, 10. Giunta, 11. Cataldo, 13. Vaccari. Alletti Marchetti

PARMA - 12. Quagliozzi; 6. Martinelli, 3. Tirotta, 5. Ciampà, 8. Tognolini (See Cap.), 9. Pergjegaj, 10. Sure, 11. Giordani (Cap.), 15 Catania. Berigazzi All.
Also entered: 1. Ianelli; 2. Samson, 4. Cinieri, 7. Giuberti, 13. Magni, 14. Lazzari

Referee: Mr. Ramunno of Reggio Emilia

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