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vittorio guibor
Even from far away Wales cheer rossoblu, always in close contact with the fantastic world of our Tose.
A vittoriese doc (Diego Bortoluzzi), a Treviso, ambassador in the world (Francesco Guidolin), and an Italian, already a darling of an entire city (Alberto Paloschi ... .with dad Vanni), founded the first European fans club of Tose, in that of Swansea (Wales).
Diego, the flag bearer and pride of our beloved city, is keeping up the name of Vittorio Veneto also across the Channel, staying close, with unaltered affection and interest to our beloved rossoblu colors.
Here is a small insight into the thought of Diego on this fantastic adventure, called the Premier League, but always with an eye for loving respect on the Women's Football Vittorio Veneto.
Hi Diego, how do you find a Trevigiano in Wales?
It's early to answer. Given the commitments to get to know the team and the opponents and learn a bit of English, I spend almost all the time between the sports center and the hotel. So I only saw Wales.
However, I believe that a Treviso driver knows how to adapt quickly everywhere.
The Premier League (the dream of a lifetime), there is the protagonist story in two words?
I just need one "yeahhhhhhh"
What do you miss more than your Vittorio Veneto (spritz with Tose aside)?
It's too soon to be nostalgic then ... .the spritz with the Tose
Have you already explained to Welsh barmen how to make spritz?
I try but keep putting the beer in place of Prosecco
Which Treviso terminology do you use most often with your players?
Movete ... pulls from fora ziochen
Tell us in two words the main differences between English and Italian football?
Here you have less time to think. They are very aggressive and the game always has a very high pace. And they go very well. The set pieces are then always a battle. Gira de quee beasts ...
Our deputy captain DaRos21, brings your own nickname "Airone"; what do you think about it?
Synonymous with elegance? Or head in the clouds? Let's do the first from ... With my right foot and his left we make a heron from the national team. The problem is for the heron that stays with my left and his right ...
There with you there is also a great fan of the shear (Alberto Paloschi), from which he took the nickname (paloschina) AdriDeMartin16. How do you find yourself with him? And above all, continues to follow performances of Tose and paloschina (Vanni permitting)?
Alberto and I are the 1 ° Tose fan club in Swansea. I get along with him. He is a very good person. It does not seem to me that time has changed it. And unfortunately not even Vanni ...
We know that the first result you seek after the Swansea matches on Saturday is our tose. What do you feel like telling them for this second part of the season?
I would like to give them a talk to Ashley Williams before the race, but I respect their still keeping ears so I limit myself to an "All the best !!!!! "
We know of a visit by the DG to organize a friendly relationship with the Swansea City Ladies. Do you agree?
Local newspapers report an evening meeting in a place of dubious morality with a somewhat compromised lucidity that seems to have produced no results. Also because witnesses confirm that a Welsh and other Venetian parliament. We look forward to an upcoming visit by the DG for further developments.
When do you think to stop training males to come and train Tose?
When I stop having fun and decide to get serious, I will consider dealing with 20 women. Varda Fattorel as the 'ciapa' ...
Giovanni Bolzan

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