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Here is the second episode of "Tifose rossoblu d'Italia", today two little girls from Liguria, more precisely from San Lorenzo al Mare (Imperia). Ludovica Razzoli 12 years and Sima Papone 11 years, athletes of ASD Gymnastics Riviera dei Fiori, their specialty is elastic trampoline and acrobatic artistic gymnastics. Their passion for sport, however, does not end here, in fact, from today they have colored their skin of rossoblu, wearing the personalized shirt of Permac Vittorio Veneto.
Then we feel their emotions:

Today you have worn for the first time the legendary rossoblu jersey of Vittorio Veneto, what do you think? do you like?
Yes it is very beautiful. I like it a lot, I think it will be my new uniform in training on the trampoline.
We know that you are very good and in the Nazionala tour with your beautiful sport. But tell us a little, would you like to play football too?
Yes I would like it, but it's a shame that Vittorio Veneto is a bit far from home.
Now that you're officially the fan farthest from us, do you promise that you'll come to see us in a Serie A game?
Of course I will come!

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