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vittorio tifose areddia
Letizia and Maria Giovanna Areddia, are twins: Milanese by birth, Tuscan residence (Poppi, Arezzo) and now vittorioese cheering.
Lovers of sport in general, have played for several years in Softball arriving in the top national series, now they decided to dress with the rossoblu shirts, our Tose, thus supporting girls and companies.
How was your passion for women's soccer Vittorio Veneto born?
Great curiosity and desire to know the team well described and told by its general manager.
Last year you experienced the retreat at Pinarella di Cervia of the team, before the delicate transfer of Castelvecchio. Your impressions on the rossobl├╣ group?
More than a group, a great family united by the passion for football, strong determination, desire to play and win in the field.

As a former softball athlete, what do you feel like saying about women's football in general?
A challenging team sport that tests the body but also the cunning ... of which the Vittorio Veneto team is well equipped.
When is your first at the Barison?
We hope as soon as possible, we can not wait to see the great team in A.
The cheerleader rossoblu as we have seen does not stop only in the province, but has invaded throughout Italy, not to say the whole world. Yes, the data reported by Google Analitycs show that access to our website comes from all over the world: Italy, Germany, USA, England, Australia, Finland, Slovakia, Spain, Poland and Belgium. These are the first 10 states, in order of number of views, from which users are constantly accessing to stay updated on the rossoblu world.

ASDCF Permac Vittorio Veneto 1982
Via della Rabosa 24 - Vittorio Veneto (TV)
Communication manager Leonardo Segat
Cell 3479153970

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