Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Tobin Heath US Soccer Female Player of the Year

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Tobin Heath 28 years of entering the camp US National and Portland Thorns was elected best American player .

Tobin Heath best player of the year in the USA

Video Tobin Heath:
Tobin Heath | Highlights (goals and skills)

Complete biography of Tobin Powell Heath da

He spent a year at UNC in 2006, the dorm Heath lived in soccer field right outside. "We'd always kind of end up out there at some point, whatever it was. "Says Heath." At one or two in the morning, "says Heath. "That was the story of our class, my group of friends; we always wanted to play, anytime, anywhere. That was our culture. "Their first visit to campus, where you pick out classes and pick up your laptops.

Fetzer Field (UNC's game field) always had a sign posted that read "CLOSED," but the friends always snuck in anyway. They also played in the dorm hallways, "even people who did not play soccer wanted to play; it was so fun. "They played in the parking garage, using trash cans as goals. They even snuck out onto the game. "Even if we'd just won this great thing, we still did not want to be over," remembers Heath with a grin.


Tobin Heath on Beach

Tobin's not just for her free-flowing style on the field. She has no set home and instead prefers to drift from place to place, visiting one coast and then the other, hopping from one friend or family member's house to the next. She's got a few bags of stuff at her parents' house. "When people are like, 'Yeah, you can like anytime you want,' I literally like any time I want. I guess most people hear that, and I'll probably do it, if you like me somewhere, I think it would be cool to you, I'll probably do it. "Laughs Tobin. "I do not mind sleeping on a couch or floor, I know that helps."


In Chapel Hill, sidewalks are made out of brick, which is not ideal for skateboarding. "While you're going to hill, it's like, do or die. You're either going to make it or you're not. Because a brick might just be missing, "says Tobin.

Anson Dorrance, North Carolina's Women's soccer coach, comments, "I lived in abject terror that she was going to get hit." The "non-morning person" came to the 8 class, just hoping a car would not be there - it was. "It broke my board in two," recalls Heath.

"Laughs Dorrance" We were just trying to keep her tethered to the earth.

Full name is Tobin Powell Heath ... Nickname is "Tobs" ... Enjoys playing any sports, hanging out with the family and spending time outdoors ... Also at talented tennis player ... Loves a good burgers, as well as waffles and mango ... Skateboarded around campus and to class at the UNC ... Enjoys all the traveling from an international player gets to homesick ... Starred in five highly-viewed videos: "Ball Trick Battle" with Casey Nogueira when both were U-20s in 2006, "Tobin Heath: WALKABOUT" in 2008, which won's Best Video of the Year, and "Trick Shot Battle" and "Creative Soccer Tennis" with Yael Averbuch in 2011 and 2013 respectively, as well as "Queen of the Nutmeg" in 2015 ... 900,000 combined YouTube views.

Giorgia Santambrogio
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