Monday, July 22 2019
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Voluntas Osio - Romagnano

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The enterprise was already difficult at the start. The Romagnano greets the Italian Cup with a clear defeat for 6-1 in the home of Voluntas Osio, a defeat but it does not hurt so much, if not for the proportions of the result.

Fortunately, the grenade team will now have plenty of time to recharge their batteries in preparation for the league debut scheduled in a month (21 October) in Meda. Also lost Zignone after the injury last week, the coach Fabio Sacchi had to make a virtue of necessity, deploying a largely remodeled training also lacking the captain Claudia Giannetti. The Romagnano remained in the game for almost half an hour, despite conceding a goal already at 4 ', then he collapsed despite the illusive network of Saglietti before the interval.

Voluntas Osio: Church, Comi (7'st Lazzaroni), Pagano (18'st Pagano), Di Giulio, Cattaneo, Volonterio (15'st Devecchi), Pes, Pellegrini, Riva, Alemanni, Tasca. Available: Perniciaro, Lacchini. All .: Timaco.

Romagnano: Gallo, Di Piero, Nidasio (1'st Ravelli), Scalcon, Femia (18'st Milanaccio), Puricelli, Saglietti, Betlamini, Veronese, Briasco (1'st Cervellin), Rovereti (1'st Lanza). Available: Brancaglion. All .: Sacchi.

Networks: 4 'Riva (V), 27' Comi (V), 34 'Alemanni (V), 40' Saglietti (R), 42 'Volonterio (V), 45' Volonterio (V), 7'st Pellegrini (V ).

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Enrico Manassero
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