Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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The Azaleas pass the Italian Cup round against Real Meda: next challenge will be Brescia

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azalee raga victory
Saturday 25 February 2017, 18.30 hours. Stadium "City of Meda", province of Monza Brianza: to go on stage is the Real Meda-Azalee match, valid match for the sixteenth of the women's Italian Cup. The winning team will have the honor of passing the turn, and then find themselves in a direct confrontation with a not unimportant opponent: this is Brescia - currently second in the championship standings - a team that certainly does not need any introduction.
The first half saw the two teams heavily engaged, giving away scoring action from the second minute, thanks to Peripolli's right-footed shot from outside the area, to which a few minutes later a shot from Coda's distance responded, shot low and weak, which makes easy the intervention of the goalkeeper of the visiting team.

The following minutes record a good game on both sides, with attempts to unlock the game never quite effective: after 2 minutes of recovery ends the first fraction of the game, partial result 0 to 0.
In the second half is the home team starting with more determination, and already after 7 minutes Real Meda tries again the lunge, with a shot of Landa lap, finished out. The choice of both coaches is then to change the cards on the table: at the 13 'and 16' of the second half come the two changes: Moroni comes out and enters Gatti for Real Meda, Cassataro leaves for Seghetto for the Azaleas. The rossoblu defense remains very careful and compact, brings the center of gravity back and brings forward the Azaleas on several occasions: good maneuvers by both formations, both in attack and defense phase, ensure that the result remains at blankets for more than 80 minutes.

But it is precisely when both teams already think about the fate of a match that has ended with the penalties coming from the Azalea network, which brings the result on 1 to 0 to 89 'thanks to the De Luca network, which is not finds unprepared and left kick, bagging behind Pizzi. The incredible goal of the former concludes this match of the Italian Cup in favor of the visiting team, which wins a match made of good game, desire to win and fair play, despite the high stakes.
The Azaleas of Gallarate pass, which will face the difficult team of Brescia, right in the walls of the Gallaratese stadium. The company itself does not hide a certain regret for a situation that is increasingly created in these situations: the Azaleas will have to play a very challenging game against a Serie A team like Brescia in a plant with not really impeccable conditions, both for the playing field, both for the structure itself, not really optimal for a match of this level.
The appointment is therefore for the super challenge between Azalee and Brescia, that the 12 April will meet at the Atleti Azzurri d'Italia stadium in Via dei Salici in Gallarate, for a new and exciting challenge for the Italian Cup.

Lucia Pirola

Lucia Pirola
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