Monday, January 27 2020
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2013-2014 season

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Heavy ko against Romagna, now first in the standings with full points. On Sunday 27 there is the derby against the Decima Sport Camp.
Day to forget immediately the one played at the “Minipalazzetto” of Cesena. The Sassoleone was the victim of a peremptory 10-0, in a match where the Gialloblù struggled to give their pace to the match. With this result, and the simultaneous defeat of FiberPasta Chiaravalle, Virtus Romagna is now alone at the top of the group B standings.

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Falconara squandering, Lazio on the ball and pushed by a devastating Vanessa. The raptors derby, the Citizens hawk and the Roman eagle, are won by the Chilelli girls who break out of the PalaBadiali. Strike in the hangar of via dello Stadio that failed to Lazio from 2015. Yesterday's race reflected the tradition of previous matches. Beautiful, vibrant, played openly and always in the balance. Sparkling first time since the opening bars. Ferrara warms up Tirelli's hands a couple of times but Lazio is the first to pass.

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On the last day of the first round, Vicenza falls in Como 1-0.
Good start of the Biancorosse, but with the passing of the minutes they go out. The guests hit a crossbar with a nice free-kick by Ambrosetti and in the final seconds of the first half they took the lead with Brazzarola.


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