Tuesday, December 10 2019
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A glittering Fortitudo beats Rome XIV and takes fourth place

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Closing of the season, waiting for the last with Inter, with a bang for Bragantini's Gialloblù, who beat Roma XIV 1-12 and set the record for away goals in the Serie B 2018 / 2019 championship.
Difficult start for the guests, who at the 6 'are at a disadvantage for Carrarini's fine goal, whose shot ends under the crossbar. The difficulty lasts a moment, then it is a Fortitudo monologue. At the 19 'Pinna dances opens and after just three minutes comes the deserved advantage with Dallagiacoma, which exploits the launch of Gelmetti, controls and finalizes with a precise diagonal.

In a short time it is still the Sardinian striker to be unleashed: the networks at 24 'and 27' allow her to sign the personal hat-trick, to then take her tally with the 40 'goal to four. The first half ends with the Gelmetti network, which on the fly, at the edge of the small area, ends coldly.

In the second half we see only one team on the pitch, a Fortitude that wants to have fun and score. At the 2 'is the crossbar that denies the joy of the goal to captain Salaorni, but after a quarter of an hour of play Martani hits the bench, substituting the goalkeeper and comfortably bags the 1-7 ball. They spend only two minutes of play and to rejoice is the veteran of the Gialloblù defense Giulia Caliari, who finds his first goal of the season under the goal, thus crowning a season to be framed. The guests have no intention of stopping: after that, the full-back goes on to sign Gelmetti, who carries out a beautiful action combined with Peretti; at the 28 'the tenth Gialloblù goal arrives with Martani, closely followed by Peretti, whose cross-shot ends at the crossroads. Closes definitively the Gelmetti games, that on cold punishment Trezza, signs the twelfth goal of the Gialloblù and the personal hat-trick, thus reaching a goal of twelve league goals, exactly like his partner Pinna. Fourth place safe and season to remember for the team of Mozzecane, which ranks among the four forces of the championship.


Rome XIV: Quartullo (20 'st Trezza), Salvucci, Pellegrini, Monti, Bevilacqua (27' st Papalia), Santacroce (1 'st Rodati), Nicosia, Carrarini, Forgnone (1' st Pomponi), Refi, Calabria (20 'st Carnevali).

Available: Trezza, Mosca, Papalia, Carnevali, Rodati, Pomponi, Rossi.

Coach: Gagliardi.

Fortitudo Mozzecane: Olivieri, Pecchini, Caliari (24 'st Mele), Bertolotti (18' st Borg), Salaorni, Pavana, Carraro (1 'st Cinti), Dallagiacoma (1' st Martani), Pinna (18 'st Signori) , Peretti, Gelmetti.

Available: Perina, Groff, Mele, Signori, Cinti, Borg, Martani.

Coach: Bragantini.

Referee: Leonard Mihalache (Terni).

Assistants: Vagheggi (Arezzo), Pulcinelli (Siena).

Networks: 6 'pt Carrarini, 19' pt Pinna, 22 'pt Dallagiacoma, 24' pt Pinna, 27 'pt Pinna, 40' pt Pinna, 44 'pt Gelmetti, 15' st Martani, 17 'st Caliari, 27' st Gelmetti, 28 'st Martani, 35' st Peretti, 41 'st Gelmetti.

Notes: Nicosia expelled.

Riccardo Cannavaro
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