Tuesday, December 10 2019
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A Gran bel Cesena beats the Rome XIV for 7-0

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For the third to the last day, the synthetic X Roma XIV comes down to Cesena on the synthetic of the Rognoni Sports Center (Villa Silvia).
The departure of the hosts suggests that the guests will be 90 minutes of suffering. The first occasion happens to Battistini at the 3 'minute, Petralia assists for Battistini sure hits good Quartullo who deviates in the corner. Beats the same Battistini veil of Porcarelli missile of Pastore flies Quartullo and rejects.

Advantage Cesena at the 10 '; Nagni (his race is imperious and celebrates with a nice hat-trick) opens on the battistini Battistini band, takes the ball into the area and throws you in with the Lazio goalkeeper. 24 'is always Nagni well served by Casadio, hurling a blow that touches the crossbar.
Doubling Cesena at the 29 ', a large ball from Pastore in the penalty area, beat and retorted with the ball thrown out by Mosca, ball to Nagni lashed from the right and ball in the net to the right of the goalkeeper.

At the 39 'free kick on the ball Pastore launch x Beleffi opens for Porcarelli but kicks high.
One-way game with Pacini almost never engaged; 41 'another big chance on the feet of Casadio, well served by Petralia sends the ball high over the crossbar.

The Roman women did not expect Cesena to be so concentrated and well on the field, so they try to react but the pressure from the Romagnolas is constant and does not make their opponents think.

At the 45 'the race director sends everyone to the locker room.

Shooting, launch of Calli at the 51 'for Petralia, he takes the ball and from the edge he kicks Quartullo into a corner.

Two minutes after great action; launch of Carlini with ball to Petralia assist at the limit for Porcarelli that touches the intersection of the poles.

64 'Porcarelli's third goal comes with a nice shot from outside.

68 minute fine phrasing between the wild Porcarelli Nagni, which puts the latter in an inviting position and the conclusion leaves no way out for the resigned Roman goalkeeper who must collect the ball inside the door for the fourth time.

It is a defeat for the Rome XIV that fails to strike up an action that could trouble the extreme Romagna.

74 minute 'Muratori throws Bizzocchi on the wing, a cross in the area where a scrum is created, into which Nagni throws himself in and puts his third personal goal on the net.

Four minutes later, on the right wing, Amaduzzi Martina gets drunk, a defender exchanges with Zani who returns the ball, crosses the middle, on the Bizzocchi ball that once again pierces Quartullo.

81 minute free-kick from the edge, on the ball Guidi kicks strong but central for the goalkeeper.

The seventh network for the Cesenati closes the tender from Zani to the 94 '; from the edge he scores for the desperation of the Roman goalkeeper who at the final whistle of the referee breaths a sigh of relief.
A great driver from Cesena beats the Rome XIV for 7-0 and takes a step forward in the standings by strengthening his position at the end of a one-way match.

Markers: 10 'Battistini, 29'-68'-74'Nagni, 64'Porcarelli, 78'Bizzocchi, 94'Zani.

Pacini, Calli (65 'Bizzocchi), Pastore, Carlini, Battistini (68' Muratori), Beleffi (74 'Amaduzzi M.), Nagni, Casadio, Casadei, Petralia (65' Guidi), Porcarelli (74 'Zani) .-
Available Amaduzzi A., Neighbors.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

Quartullo (68 'Trezza), Salvucci, Mosca, Monti, Santacroce (75' Di Carlo), Papalia (63 'Carnevali), Nicosia, Carrarini, Forgnone, Refi, Rossi (46' Calabria) .-
Trainer Alessandro GAGLIARDI

Referee Mr. Stefano Campagnolo of Bassano del Grappa
Assistants Mr. Nicola Zandonà of Portogruaro and Massimiliano Moretti of
San Benedetto del Tronto.-
150 spectators approx.-

Savignano Sul Rubicone 20 April 2019
Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

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