Sunday, 19 January 2020
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The Cesena creates play but does not materialize: Inter 2 wins at 1

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A frame of extraordinary public, almost 600 people present in the old Stadium of Savignano sul Rubicone, to cheer Cesena against the "steamroller" Inter that goes down in Romagna from unbeaten leaders of this championship, 16 matches 16 wins, to continue the race to the series "TO".
The first conclusion to the goal is Cesena at the 4 'with a great shot by Bizzocchi para Capelletti.

The Cesena insists at the 08 another shot from outside Nagni that does not surprise the Milanese goalkeeper who comes out in a high grip and blocks.

Romagnole master of the field, 15 captain Petralia's striking heel pass for the very fast Porcarelli but it is not surprising that Capelletti deviates in the corner of his foot.
21 'steals the ball Beleffi in midfield reaches the edge of the area but weakly kicks Capelletti.
22 'Inter tries with Marinelli, but even in this case it is goalkeeper Pacini who has the upper hand.
At 27 'Cesena deservedly ahead; Beleffi from the edge of the area hits the crossbar in full on the subsequent rebound Merlo messes up and puts the ball in his own goal, the former stadium becomes a hellish pit.

Mister Rossi's girls do not let go, they continue to attack the Nerazzurri goal, like 37 'minute when Porcarelli is knocked to the limit, he beats Casadio Nagni's header out a little.
The Romagnolese pushed by an incessant cheer in the stands, play one of the best game of this championship, with all honesty the leaders look like the home team.

Inter, until now not received, equalized 40 '; Costi goes away on the right enters the area and with a harmless shot deceives Pacini and puts the ball at seven on the first post.
It ends the first half on the result of 1 to 1.

In the second fraction the Romagna team continues to press the league leaders and tries several times to surprise Capelletti as at the 65 'with Bizzocchi who receives in the chest area a shot from the first that ends to the side.
And as it now happens from the beginning of the championship even Inter at the 76 'finds one two; free kick beated by Locatelli Regazzoli jumps head and sends the ball into the net, with a very clear offside that the referee triad does not see.
In the final minutes, Rossi's team tries everything but the leaders manage the possession of the ball well and take home three fundamental points.

We no longer know what good to vote for once again we play well, we create a lot but collect little.

Networks 27 'aut. Merlo (C), 41 'Costi (I), 76' Regazzoli (I).

Referee Mr. Dario DUZEL of Castelfranco Veneto
Assistants Messrs. Riccardo PERSICHINI and Dalijt SINGH of Macerata
600 Spectators Approx.
Booked: 40 'Ugolini (C), 55' Regazzoli (I), 82 'Petralia (C) .-

Pacini, Cuciniello, Pastore, Carlini (85 'Balzani), Ugolini, Beleffi (83' Zani), Nagni, Casadio, Bizzocchi (75 'Guidi), Petralia, Porcarelli.
Available Amaduzzi A., Amaduzzi M., Muratori, Calli.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI.

Capelletti, Merlo, D'Adda, Locatelli, Pellens, Brustia (64 'Santi), Pisano, Regazzoli, Costi (74' Pandini), Baresi (64 'Rognoni), Marinelli (85' Capucci)
Available Schroffenegger, De Zen.-
Coach Sebastian DE LA FUENTE

Savignano sul Rubicone 17 March 2019
Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

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