Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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A Cesena defeated in a comeback recrimination: "a theft, a mockery as big as a house"

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We could start the chronicle with the famous phrase of Enrico Ameri in the transmission all the minute minute kick with "Incredible to Cibali", it is really a real theft occurred at the former Municipal Stadium of Savignano sul Rubicone, where Cesena is complicated the life in the end of a DOMINATED game for over 70 minutes, then it is reached at the minute 71'and exceeded '80', after leading the race and have put on display good game and a security that has long been missing.

It's hard to say what happened when the guests dropped a deadly 1-2 that led to the advantage. It is difficult to say whether it was thanks to the changes in training in the Ravenna area or if the Bianconeri gave up on a psychological level.

Too bad because today the team of Mr. Rossi gave the impression of being at a turning point, after the good tests with Milan, Rome and last Sunday, even though they were defeated in Rome against Lazio.
A Cesena that starts immediately well and not by chance the game is unlocked at 3 'when on a quick reversal in front of Porcarelli flies to the opponent's door and is put down without much compliment, on the ball Petralia that starts a perfect shot that shove in the upper right corner of the goalkeeper.

The bianconere could immediately make the second goal; Porcarelli unleashed is impregnable, receives the ball from Casadio, he drinks two defenders enters the area but the central shot after a nice dribble, is deflected by Copetti, resumes and kick Porcarelli and this time the free defense.
Minute 16 'free kick, beats Petralia cross in the area but no one intervenes.
37 'The first real dangerous action of Ravenna with Cameron who devours the draw in the penalty area kicking out from two meters.
The bianconere give the impression of controlling the race and go in search of the second goal, especially with shots from the distance, as in the 41 '; great shot from outside Nagni with a ball that ends high on the crossbar.
The Cesena is still in charge of the midfield, showcases good phrases and in attack has a superlative Porcarelli that more than once showed the green mice to defense Ravenna.
The first half dominated by Cesena ends with the Ravenna that has been shown only once by the parties of Pacini.

Shooting the girls of Mister Rossi start to beat the beat and immediately seek the doubling; minute 46 'the usual Porcarelli launched by Pastore, takes the ball you eat two defenders enter the area, kick left sending the ball out of little, the misfortune continues to haunt the team Cesena.
At the 48 'landed Cimatti at the limit beats Barbaresi freed Carlini.
Cesena mistress of the field, minute 66 'umpteenth long launch of Casadei for Porcarelli, enters the area kick but the ball does not want to enter ends to the left of Copetti.
Ravenna wakes up; first with a shot of Filippi saved by Pacini, then the Ravenna begin to get more and more dangerous parts of the Juventus gate.
The landlords seem to have lost freshness and concentration and the 71 'suffer the goal of Montecucco, a free kick from the edge is good to put the ball on the near post to the right of Pacini.

Cesena does not give up and overturns in the mid-field Ravenna at 74 '; launch of Cuciniello ball to Nagni assist for Beleffi kick just wide.
80 'minute arrives the doubling of Ravenna; long throw at the edge of the Juventus area on the ball skips Casadei head, the defender Cesena is pushed conspicuously from Montecucco, Casadei falls and clashes with goalkeeper Pacini avalanche release, the same Pacini tries to block the ball but, escapes and ends right on the feet of Montecucco that slips from a few steps.

After five minutes of recovery the race ends, a theft, a mockery as big as a house for Cesena that leaves astonished team and spectators; good team the Ravenna team but nothing exceptional, we have seen better in this group and today the defense often went on tilt on the pressing of the home team.

Positive note of the day is the convocation of one of our young Elena BATTISTINI August 2003, convened with the National Under 16 Female Rally and Uefa Tournament in Tirrenia and Loughborough (England) from 10 to 21 February 2019 with the Technician Jacopo LEANDRI.
In addition, from 24 to 28 February 2019, with the Nazzarena GRILLI technician was also called with the National Under 17 Women's - Rally in Coverciano.

Markers: 03 'Petralia (C), 71' and 80 'Montecucco (R)

Referee Mr. Davide Giacometti of the section of Gubbio, Assistants, Lords Filippo Pio Castagna and Nicola Santi of the Verona section.
Ammonite: Bizzocchi and Porcarelli (C), Colini and Burbassi (R).
200 spectators approx.-

Pacini, Cuciniello, Pastor, Carlini, Beleffi, Bizzocchi (59 'Battistini), Nagni, Casadio (70' Calli), Casadei, Petralia (74 'Muratori), Porcarelli.-
Available Amaduzzi A., Ugolini, Guidi, Zani.-
Coach Roberto ROSSI

Copetti, Cinque (58 'Bouby), Carrozzi (51' Haanpaa), Greppi, Barbaresi, Montecucco (93 '???), Filippi, Cimatti, Cameron, Colini, Burbassi.-
At the disposal of Cicci, Giovagnoli, Mateucci, Pelloni, Amadori.-
Roberto PIRAS coach

Savignano sul Rubicone 10 February 2019
Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

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