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Fortitudo Mozzecane, Francesca Olivieri enters at the end of the match and saves the result, with Ravenna ending 2 - 2

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Olli saved the game. This can be the summary of the home game with Ravenna. After the penalty and expulsion of Giulia Meleddu, author until then a perfect performance, Francesca Olivieri has entered and denied the network to the opponents. The yellow-orange goalkeepers have both answered this when needed.

How is it for a goalkeeper to be responsible for trying to save a decisive penalty?

"There is a lot of responsibility, but from the moment when the penalty is whistled at the time when you have to parry a few seconds pass, so there is no time to think; I just try to focus on what I have to do at that moment. So there is the responsibility but you are so focused and in a cold mind that you do not have thoughts. For me to try to save a penalty is a very stimulating thing. Obviously I wish there were never any penalties against it, but when it happens I'm not afraid to have to put it off, on the contrary, I charge more for the match ».

From a psychological point of view it was difficult to enter without warning and without time to mentally prepare for a penalty at the end of the regulation time?

"I was calm enough, I did not feel too much pressure, even if there were only a few minutes left and I knew the importance of the result in that match. I was pretty sure of myself. Perhaps the short time available made sure that I did not think too much about what was at stake, what we might have missed; this probably went to my advantage ".

What did you think when you saw the red waved in front of Giulia (Meleddu, ed)?

"I jumped up, I started to undress and I was loaded like a spring, ready to go in door to parry. The coach looked at me, I got up and prepared to go and do what I had to do. My companions charged me and gave me the last tips. I went to the door trying to warm up because I had frozen feet. It had never happened to me to save such a penalty; It was an almost unrepeatable situation I think: two penalties and two reds in the final match I hope it never happens again ».

What did your companions tell you at the end of the game?

"All of them complimented me and Giulia and Silvia thanked me for having re-established the fortunes of a game that had gone quite badly. It is thanks to my teammates if we arrived at 90 'on the result of a tie in such a complicated match. Giulia, up to that moment, played a fantastic match and in fact was very sorry for a card like that ».

What do you think in general about the game with Ravenna, perhaps the strangest played up to this point of the season?

"Yes, it was a strange match. Who saw it certainly did not get bored. I think the first half was dominated by us, we were always in their half of the field. In the second half we fell and instead they grew up. We risked too much and in the end the episodes were unfavorable to us, but in any case we were good at keeping the tie and not losing our mind. Already after the first expulsion the game was tough, then when we remained in nine it worsened further. Even psychologically when you concede goals on a penalty and you find yourself with a player in less you throw down, but we have not given up. It was really a surreal match between fog and the final thriller ".

You have been a further confirmation of how much for the Fortitudo are equally important players who do not start from owners. An extra weapon you have this year?

"This year I think we are really strong, then it will be the field to talk. I think it's difficult for the coach every Sunday to decide who to put on the pitch and also who to take on the bench, even if he will certainly like to have to choose between many players. The level is homogeneous, in fact, when someone enters from the bench the general rate of the team does not go down absolutely. No one is afraid if he has to enter, or rather a climbing companion can split the game and solve it in complicated situations. It is the group that makes the difference. It was important not to lose. Looking at the rankings, if we had lost, we would have gone less 6 points from Ravenna and we would have lost ground. Being able to equalize was a great result. If we had won it would have been better, but for the direction that the race has taken I think a draw is a good thing ».

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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