Tuesday, December 10 2019
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The Ravenna Women beat 7 at 0 Roma XIV and maintains the second place in the standings

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Sixth consecutive victory for the Ravenna Women who beat 7 at 0 the Rome XIV and keeps the second place in the standings, less 4 from the leaders Inter and more 3 from the Mozzecane, third force of the championship; The absolute protagonists of the victory are Filippi and Burbassi, both authors of a hat-trick.

Mister Piras has to give up on Montecucco and sends from the first minute Copetti between the posts, Cameron, Colini, Greppi and Bouby in defense, Barbaresi, Carrozzi and Filippi in midfield, with the Finnish Haanpaa acting behind the attack tandem Cimatti - Burbassi.

The match begins in the best way for the landlords who already go ahead in the fifth minute: on the developments of a corner, Carrozzi brushes a perfect cross that Filippi head turns into one to zero.
A minute later the Giallorossi could already double but the shot by Carrozzi from the edge ends a breath out.
At the tenth are the guests to touch the marking with Valbona whose conclusion is opposed by Copetti; three minutes later, Copetti still neutralized the conclusion from within the Carrarini area.
The match continues with the Ravenna that makes the race and goes close to the two at zero first with Haanpaa and then with Barbaresi.
Shortly before the break the doubling: Barbaresi launches Filippi that in speed exceeds his opponents, enters the area and with a perfect diagonal initials 2 to 0.
At the end of the tris, Cimatti brand: cross from the right of Haanpaa and ball to the captain, who signed a few steps from the network to zero with which you go in the locker room.

The recovery opens in the same way in which the first fraction was opened: Haanpaa's cross and Filippi's goal which at the turn pierces Quartullo for the fourth time.
At the tenth is the crossbar to deny the joy of the goal to Cimatti that makes the wood defended by Quartullo tremble with a nice lob.
The Ravenna continues its monologue and with the passing of the minutes is Burbassi to steal the show, scoring 3 times within a few minutes: at the twenty-fifth steals ball adversary and signs the 5 0, two minutes later goes in goal on an assist by Cimatti, while the eightieth ago is all alone and signs the network of the definitive 7 0 for the Ravenna Women.
In the final there is still time and space for another crossbar, this time hit by Barbaresi, and for a penalty shot pulled high by Raggi.
Pelloni and Cicci's debut in Serie B is worthy of mention.

Next Sunday the last race of the 2018, with the difficult transfer to the field of the Mozzecane.

Ravenna Women - Rome XIV 7-0
Marking machines: 5 '- 43' - 50 'Filippi 45' Cimatti 70 '- 72' - 80 'Burbassi

Ravenna Women: Copetti (68 'Cicci), Cameron, Bouby (72' Cinque), Carrozzi (54 'Rays), Colini, Greppi, Barbaresi, Filippi, Cimatti (72' Pelloni), Haanpaa (54 'Giovagnoli), Burbassi. A disp .: Montecucco. All .: R.Piras

Rome XIV: Quartullo (76 'Rice), Pellegrini, Bevilacqua, Jusufi, Santacroce (65' Pezzino), Carrarini, Fortunati, Grassi (54 'Gerardi), Forgnone (65' Pomponi), Verro, Moscow (76 'Monti). A disp .: Di Carlo. All .: A.Gagliardi

Referee: Pistarelli of Fermo
Ammonite: Greppi (RW) Monti (R)

Serie B
8 ^ day

Roma-Inter 1-3
Ravenna Women-Rome XIV 7-0
Arezzo-Cittadella 1-2
Lazio-F.Mozzecane 0-2
Milan-Empoli 2-4
Cesena-Genoa 1-1


Inter 24 points
Ravenna 20 points
Mozzecane 17 points
Empoli 16 points
asd Rome - Citadel 15 points
Lazio 8 points
Milan Ladies - Genoa 7 points
Cesena 5 points
Arezzo 1 point
Rome XIV 0 points

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