Monday, January 27 2020
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Cesena, a bitter equal to Cittadella

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Cloudy and cold day, is played at the Municipal Stadium of Loreggia (Padua), grass field in perfect condition, Cesena remodeled for the absence of Battistini convened in National and Porcarelli influenced.
Part of the home team and the third Zorzan served by Baldo enters the area and touches the post.

Responds two minutes later Cesena with Guidi, assists of Casadei for the tip this back to the door turns kick and the ball ends a little high on the crossbar.

17 grenades forward with an exchange to the limit De Vincenzi / Yeboaa, final shot of the tip and good Pacini to repel the ball.

Cuciniello, his race is impeccable, at the 23 'he casts on the right wing Casadei, this is drunk on the Peruzzo race and from the extremity he makes a cross out and goes to Toniolo.

Dangerous action of the girls from Romagna a minute later with a fast counterattack by Carlini, Nagni assists for free Pastore to the limit, is about to kick but the referee whistles a presumed out of play.

Insists the Cesena 31 ', overwhelming Petralia wins ball in midfield, you drink three opponents and is then put on the ground; from good position beats Casadei ball to Guidi kicks out.

Good moment of Cesena and two minutes later takes the lead; Nagni throws on the Cuciniello band, this drops the ball to the cross foot for the good Shepherd who from the limit leaves an angulated shot that ends his race at the end of the net to the right of Toniolo.

The Citadel is not watching and within minutes 5 creates two actions one at 35 'when Kastrati free to shoot Rigon, Pacini very good and careful the captain, rejects the ball in the corner; at the 37 'defense Cesenate discovered and it is Yeboaa who comes to find face to face with Pacini very good still to reject the ball.

The romagnole keep well the various grenades and make themselves dangerous one minute from the end of the first half with Muratore who frees Nagni to shoot but kicks out.

The first part of the game ends with the result of Cittadella 0 Cesena 1.

Shooting, you are very dangerous and take to attack the Romagna door with insistence but the Juventus defense holds good with Beleffi Carlini Guiducci and Cuciniello that turn off the various outbursts of the landlords and the excellent Pacini who coordinates and puts some cloth.

The minutes pass, the game is stationed in midfield and you see some too much foul on both sides, with the grenade looking desperate for that action that would lead to a draw and the bianconere who try to slow down the game.

What you do not expect punctually comes true; during the four minutes of recovery decreed by the referee and more precisely at the minute 92 'the landlords are able to equalize with a daring action; Juventus defender slipped and won the ball in midfield Fasoli, this makes a pass on the left wing for Meggiolaro ball in the center on which he pounced Yeboaa kicks and takes the low post to the right of Pacini the ball bounces and ends at the center of the area where Schiavo replies to the net, it pounds the goalkeeper Cesenate in attempt to catch the ball but this time it can not and the ball ends up in the net.

The remaining two minutes are on fire, and it is from the beginning of the championship that the finals are fatal to the girls of Mister Elvio Gozi, taking goal at the 92 ° in the four minutes of recovery given by the race director leaves a bad taste, even if the peer is right.

Appointment for Saturday 8 December 2018 14,30 hours at the Municipal Stadium of Savignano sul Rubicone where for the Italian Cup round comes Juventus second in the standings in the series championship "A" .-

Markers: 33 'Pastor (C), 92' Slave (CI).
Ammonite: 81 'Cuciniello (C), 87' Bizzocchi (C) .-

Toniolo, De Vincenzi (61 'Pizzolato), Peruzzo (57' Ciampanelli), Baldo, Schiavo, Casarotto, Yeboaa, Meggiolaro, Zorzan, Rigon (61 'Fasoli), Kastrati.-
At the disposal of Savegnago, Sossella, Perobello, Dal Molin.-
Coach Moreno Dalla Pozza

Pacini, Cuciniello, Beleffi, Nagni (82 'Bizzocchi), Guiducci, Carlini, Pastore, Muratori (89' Amaduzzi A.), Casadei, Guidi, Petralia.-
Available Amaduzzi M., Ugolini, Vicini.
Elvio Gozi coach

Loreggia (Padua) 02 December 2018

Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

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