Friday, December 13 2019
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The Ravenna Women continues to reap victories: Lazio beat 4 to 0

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Fifth consecutive victory for the Ravenna Women who beat 4 to 0 Lazio and leaps to second place in the standings bypassing Rome, beaten 2 to 1 from the Mozzecane: another great performance for the girls of Mr. Piras who play an intelligent race, without ever leaving space to the fearsome rivals.

After an initial phase of study it is Lazio to touch the advantage with Castiello who, from a good position, almost touches the post; Ravenna has more possession and collects a few corners but never fails to worry Natalucci's door. Half an hour good chance for Di Giammarino from the edge sends out a little; same fate for a shot of Palombi at the fortieth. At the end the goal that unlocks the match: cross from the right of Carrozzi and Burbassi's winning header, which beats Natalucci and signs the one to zero with which closes the first half.

In the second half the first start is Carrozzi who tries from distance but without luck; at the ninth the doubling of the landlords, by Filippi, who from the 25 meters folds the hands of Natalucci and signs the 2 to 0.

Lazio tries to reopen the match with a nice combination Palombi - Peaks but the latter only manages to touch the ball without giving the necessary strength to worry Copetti; a few minutes later a nice kick by Savini and a nice save by Copetti who sends a corner. At half an hour another good opportunity for Lazio, with Palombi head that sends high from a few meters.
At the thirty-second goal that virtually closes the race: Cameron steals the ball to Cianci and after a slalom of 40 meters serves Cimatti that beats Natalucci with a nice lob.

The schemes are leaking and the actions of goal are flapping: pole of Barbaresi, cross of Cimatti, Lazio in ten for the expulsion of Carosi, two great parades of Copetti and fourth yellow goal still labeled Filippi, which puts the seal on the magical afternoon of Ravenna Women.

At the triple whistle a big party for the landlords who rise to second place behind Rome; next week the championship stops to give space to the Italian Cup: for captain Cimatti and companions the opponent is Hellas Verona who will be the guest of the Giallorossi on Saturday 8 December.

Ravenna Women - Lazio 4-0
Marker: 44 'Burbassi 54' Filippi 77 'Cimatti 90' Filippi

Ravenna Women: Copetti, Cameron, Bouby, Carrozzi (60 'Haanpaa), Colini, Greppi, Burbassi, Barbaresi, Cimatti, Montecucco (82' Rays (, Filippi) Available: Ghidetti, Cinque, Giovagnoli, Pelloni, Amadori. .: R.Piras

Lazio: Natalucci, Santoro (67 'Carosi), Lore' (67 'Proietti), Gambarotta, Castiello (46' Cianci), Di Fazio, Picchi, Pezzotti, Di Giammarino, Palombi. Available: Felicella, Carosi, Vaccari, Weithofer, Pedulla '. All .: M.Tesse

Referee: Bordin of Bassano del Grappa
Expelled: Carious for a double warning

Serie B
7 ^ day

Empoli-Arezzo 2-2
F.Mozzecane-Rome 2-1
Inter-Milan Ladies 2-0
Cittadella-Cesena 1-1
Ravenna Women-Lazio 4-0
Rome XIV-Genoa 0-3


Inter 21 points
Ravenna 17 points
asd Rome 15 points
Mozzecane 14 points
Empoli 13 points
Citadel 12 points
Lazio 8 points
Milan Ladies 7 points
Genoa 6 points
Cesena 4 points
Arezzo 1 point
Rome XIV 0 points

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