Tuesday, December 10 2019
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The Roman Serie B derby is yellow: Lazio Women - Roma 0 women's soccer at 1

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After the Italian Cup derby (won for 2 at 0) also the forward league derby goes to Roma women's soccer. It was the victory of the group and of the patience with the net that almost arrived at the end, causing the yellow-red joy to explode. Lazio is certainly a good team and it was not easy to undermine their defense.

First half ugly, with the teams very contracted in the field. Few occasions created by either team. The fans on the tribune incite their darling with all the possible voice.
The second half is better with the game that gets livened up. The chances are not many, because the two defenses in the field make the wall, but those that startle and then breathe a sigh of relief to the fans when the ball goes out.

The Lazio players receive an extra boost from the arrival of the president Lotito on the sideline and put pressure on the Romanists who go for a while 'in light breathlessness. The Giallorossi, however, react almost immediately and begin to play as they know. The opportunities that happen on the feet of Landa and Visentin deserve better luck, but they are only a prelude to the goal. The team, in fact, after the missed opportunities, patiently continues to weave his game and all'86 'is rewarded with a true eurogoal of Noemi Visentin receiving ball with a precise passage of Manuela Checchi, sowing the panic between the defense biancoceleste and sends the ball into the net.

"As a fan I say the derby is not played, you win! - then says Visentin at the end of the race - But for me to score this goal was important: a goal, but above all an unlock for myself that in this season I had not scored yet. "

Now there is little left until the end of the race and the referee gives 4 minutes of recovery. The Lazio is projected forward for the last desperate attempts and also beats a corner on the final, but the Giallorossi compact resist and take home the deserved three points preserving, after five days, the head of the standings with full points together at Inter Women.

Mister Colantuoni, who won the derby for the second time since he sat on the bench, commented: "Very well of course! Winning a derby is always important, then when it strengthens the classification even further, we left too much initiative in the first half. Too much we have been good at the end to have the strength to find the twist and the cue from three very important points! "

For statistical lovers:
In the 8 league derby played in the last 4 years, the Giallorossi won 7 victories and 1 draw. To these must be added two derby Italian Cup with as many victories.
The Roma CF scored in all 27 networks against the 4 of the biancocelesti.

Ranking after the 5th day
Roma cf and Inter Women 15,
Ravenna 11,
Empoli 9,
Fortitudo Mozzecane and Lady Grenade 8,
Milan Ladies 7,
Lazio Women 5,
Arezzo, Castelvecchio and Genoa Women 3,
Rome Decimoquarto 0.

We are back with Mariella Quintarelli, even if with the absence in the heart for the disappearance of your sweetheart. We of knobs we still cling to your pain because we know it is so. Forza Mariella.

Photo Grazia Menna

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