Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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A good Cesena, orphaned by bomber Guidi, surrenders to the supremacy of the neroazzurre

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On the synthesis of Sedriano on a sunny but cold day in Cesena field that visits the leaders Inter in the 5 'day of the national championship of Serie B.
The start of the race was very balanced, Inter pushed more but Cesena defended neatly and tried to exploit the counter-attack with Porcarelli and Zani.
8 'Cesena corner beats Casadei with the ball that crosses the entire area without anyone intervening. A minute later landed Petralia at the limit beats the same ball to Porcarelli deflects the defense.

Minute 14 'attacks the Romagna team with Porcarelli, this recovers ball in midfield exchange with Petralia that gives him the ball, assists for Casadei in the area but comes with a moment of delay.

For about 20 'minutes the game is stationed in midfield and the first shot of the leaders towards the door of Pacini kicked him who finds Bianconero goalkeeper ready to reject.
Great Pacini per minute 26 '; Regazzoli counterattack enters the area and face to face with the captain Cesenate kicks without fail and Pacini rejects the ball.
The race is pleasant with actions on one side and the other.
30 'Interista advantage; wrong landing of the Juventus defense the ball ends in the corner. Beats Brustia and Pandini bags.
Petralia at 35 'tries to worry the Milanese goalkeeper, but kicks slow.
43 'at the end of the time we try Brustia from outside the box to worry Pacini, but his shot goes off to the side on the right.
Terminating the first 45 minutes with Inter ahead, but Cesena has not for nothing demeritated by making an orderly and quality race.

Shooting, first 15 minutes all of Cesenate brand; 51 'goes off on the Battistini band and from the limit he fires a shot for Schroffenegger; a minute later assists Porcarelli x Casadei opens for Zani but the center forward can not control the ball, fades the action; 57 'cesena corner beats Casadei the ball crosses the whole area without any bianconera jersey intervening; 60 'action is born from Pastore ball Zani on the fly for Porcarelli shot of the latter to the extreme Nerazzurri.
63 'Inter forward; loses the ball the Romagna midfield by Brustia assist x Baresi reaches the limit kick and Pacini is good at repelling in the corner.
The same Pacini is overcome a minute later on a counterattack of the home team still going to deflect in the corner an almost penalty kick of Costi.
Inter-minute doubling 70; all in the launching speed of Pandini and Marinelli this time pierces Pacini.

Triple Inter on 79 'again with Marinelli who scored his personal double.

In the final the Cesena puts together other dangerous actions but without finding the goal of the flag.
The debut in the B series of the very young Calli is worth mentioning.

Ending the game with the result of 3 0 for Inter which proved to be a team worthy team leader but, penalizes Cesena over due, because today we saw a nice Cesena, ordered and well placed in the field but with death in the heart, without his Bomber Silvia Guidi, on which Saturday her young mother passed away.

Marking machines: 30 'Pandini, 70' and 84 'Marinelli.

Ammonite: 75 'Blackbird (I), 76' Shepherd (C) .-

Schroffenegger, Merlo (85 'Pellens), D'Adda, Locatelli, Vergani, Pisano (75' Saints), Brustia, Regazzoli, Pandini, Costs (63 'Marinelli), Baresi (75' Rognoni) .-
Capelletti, Crespi, Capucci.-
Coach Sebastian De La Fuente

Pacini, Cuciniello, Battistini, Guiducci, Pugs, Shepherd (85 'Calli), Zani (67' Muratori), Porcarelli, Casadei, Beleffi (65 'Nagni), Petralia (85' Bizzocchi) .-
Available to Ceki, Amaduzzi A., Amaduzzi M.-
Coach Elvio Gozi (on the bench Erika Lisi)

Sedriano (Milan) 18 November 2018

Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena FC Female

The editorial staff of clings to the pain of Silvia Guidi for the premature loss of her beloved mother. A hug from all of us.

Walter Pettinati

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